We all like to think our siblings are luckier or let’s just say cooler but let’s all admit that if you’re the younger one, there are probably a million reasons why your older siblings had to suffer on your behalf. And if you think about it, they probably deserve a thank you note from you! All the way from you getting a brand new car at the age of 22 to your older siblings having to take el microbas everyday, here are 11 reasons why you’re the villain here!

1. They had harsher punishments than you!

All the way from el shebsheb, they always took a bullet for you! Your parents evolved from hitting your brother and sister with el 7ezam to just reprimending you in a low voice. LUCKY YOU!

2. They guided you through puberty

Older siblings had to discover which acne medicine worked best, and which make-up actually covered the ones you couldn’t resist popping.

3. For teaching you how to sneak out

They probably got caught a million times before becoming pros at it! They got grounded like a million times and now you just get away with it because you got all the experience!

4.They let you drive early on!

All the way from making you drive gowa el compound fel sahel to the americany that almost got you killed more than once, they give you access to stuff your parents would have never allowed you to!

5. They helped you be cool(er)

Older siblings know what’s hot or trending and what will keep you out of the loser zone. Even if they don’t directly tell you what’s cool, you probably just imitated them!

6. They had your back at fights!

We all went into fights we never thought we could have pulled off without our older siblings having our backs! They make us feel more confident with their taller height and louder voices!9. They helped you get a job

They probably started working way before you, and it took them a long time to grasp how the corporate world functions. When it’s your turn, all you need to do is ask for a job to have your siblings use their professional network to get you hired. It is their duty, isn’t it?

10. They gave you rides

To and from practices as a kid or giving you turns on the PS when you were home from college, you can always count an on older siblings to give you a lift when needed.

11. You got better – EVERYTHING!

Your parents probably became more well off by the time you got older so they gave you a better car, better education as well as brands filling your closet unlike your older siblings!

At the end of the day, you can always pay your older siblings back by making sure you use your younger son/daughter soft spot and talk your parents into agreeing to your older siblings’ needs. But before you do, make sure you blackmail them and make the best out of your situation because, hey, what are siblings for?!