Rising stars

2018 has been a crazy ride, especially in the movie/TV series scene! During this year, we’ve witnessed the rise of so many young talents. We’ve decided to keep a close eye on the actors who stole the show this year, in order to bring you this list of the Egyptian rising stars of 2018:

1# Khaled Anwar

Or should we say Zizo? Maybe Marwan? 

Khaled Anwar has taken 2018, literally by storm. It’s true that the young actor has appeared in other movies and TV series before like “El Geel El Rabe'” and “Haza El Masaa”. However, in 2018, he completely stole the show with Adel Emam in one of Ramadan’s most successful series “Awalem Khafeya”. He also starred in the hit TV series that everybody is sort of obsessed with right now “Ka’eno Embareh”.

2# Huda El Mufti

Or should we call her Lina like everybody else does on the street? The beautiful actress/model has also already appeared in last year’s “Haza El Masaa” and this year’s “Ladayna Akwalon Okhra” alongside Yosra and Sherin Reda.

The young talent proved herself when she starred as Lina in the sensational TV series “Ka’eno Embareh”.
We can’t wait to see more from Huda! 

3# Mohamed El Sharnouby

Who doesn’t love this guy? His singing and acting abilities stole the hearts of so many!

El Sharnouby excelled in his role as Aly in “Ka’eno Embareh”, and definitely exceeded all expectations in “Abo Omar El Masry”. El Sharnouby is also one of the people who did not just appear on the scene this year; it’s just that he too has taken 2018 by storm and we want more!

4# Ahmed Dash

This guy is very young, but we’re certain that he could already teach a whole generation what REAL acting should be like!
Ahmed Dash entered the scene about 4 years ago with the controversial movie “La Mo’akhza”. He also appeared in Nelly Kareem’s “Soqout Hor”, “Eshtebak” and the hit TV series “Sabe’ Gar” as well as “El Toufan”.

However, as much as he really stole the show in all of these, still his performance in Ramadan 2018’s “Taye3” surpassed everything we could ever think of!
This young actor has so much to show us, so buckle up your seats everyone for his upcoming work; cause you’re just not ready for this!

5# Asmaa Abul-Yazid

The woman stole everyone’s heart with her voice, acting skills and stunning beauty! 

She definitely caught your eye in Ramadan’s “Layaly Eugenie” as Galila. The pretty actress also gave a great performance in 2017’s “Haza El Masaa”. Most importantly, she starred in a unique role in one of the best Gouna Film Festival’s short films “Mate’lash An El Hageb”. We also can’t wait to see her in Tarek Lotfy’s long-anticipated movie “122”, which is set to be released in early 2019!

6# Rakeen Saad

Beauty and sense of humor? You must be talking about Rakeen Saad! 

If you ever caught this year’s Yehiya El Fakharany awesome TV series “Bel Hagm El 3ae’ly”, then you definitely caught the amazing Rakeen Saad in her role as Amira. Rakeen already appeared in Ramadan 2017’s “Wahat El Ghoroub” but her performance in this year’s series was everything.
We need to see more of Rakeen on our screens! 

7# Hend Abdel Halim

Hend appeared in multiple TV series in Ramadan over the past couple of years. but her real acting debut was in the hit TV series that ruled the Egyptian small screens for a while “El Ab El Rohy”. Before that, she starred in some significant works like Yosra’s “Fo2 Mostawa El Shobohat” and Asser Yassin’s “30 Youm”.

Hend also excelled in her recent role as Amira in “El Share3 Eli Warana” alongside the beautiful Tunisian actress Dorra. Like Khaled Anwar, Hend Abdelhalim also stole the show in this year’s “Awalem Khafeya” with Adel Emam.
Hend already showed us so much of her potential and we can’t wait to see more of her not just on the small screen, but the big one as well! 

8# Mahmoud Hegazy

The guy who basically dominated our small and big screens ever since he entered the scene!

 Even though Hegazy has been in the scene since 2009, the year 2018 was very different and extremely successful for him. From “El Ab El Rohy” and “Harb Karmouz” to “Horoub Edteray” and “Abo Omar El Masry”; Hegazy outdid himself, awesomely.
His most significant work in 2018, that has already been renewed for its second season because of the huge popularity and demand “Abo El Arousa”, was kind of another milestone and turning point for Hegazy!

9# Walaa El Sherif

From her role as Rahma in “El Ab El Rohy” to the amazing job she did as Zeina, the lead role in “Abo El Arousa”; Walaa El Sherif had an amazing 2018!

The actress had not just entered the acting scene, however, this year was really significant for her, especially after starring as Zohra in “Ana Shahira…Ana El Kha2en” in 2017. Everybody was already waiting for more from her and still is for the next years to come!

10# Ahmed Khaled Saleh

Does the name ring a bell? Maybe the face?
Ahmed Khaled Saleh is the son of the great late actor “Khaled Saleh”. Although the young actor has not appeared in many works so far, we could already see the huge talent beneath that is about to be fully unleashed in the upcoming years!

We saw him last year in “30 Youm” and this year he was an acting bomb in Mohamed Ramadan’s “Nesr El Seid”. The actor has already joined the cast of the new upcoming sequel to Karim Abdel Aziz’s “El Fil El Azrak”, which is set for a 2019 release. We cannot wait!

What do you guys think of our picks for 2018’s rising young talents? If you think anyone was left out, don’t hesitate to comment and share your opinion with us!