From the first of September 2014 to the end of August 2015 here’s  the 10 most read articles on Identity Magazine with nearly 1 MILLION page views!

10- “5 Things That Need to Disappear From The Egyptian Fashion Scene”

5 things that need to disappear from the egyptian fashion scene

9- “18 People You Should Follow on Facebook”


8- “7 Reasons Why Finding THE One In Egypt Is Hard!!”

Age barrier


7- “This Is What The Cast Of “El Selem Wel Te3ban” Looks Like Now”

maha amar


6- “10 Things Men Wear That Women HATE!”



5- “20 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Egypt!”



4- “10 Relationship Struggles all Egyptian BOYFRIENDS go through”


3- “12 Signs You Went To A French School in Egypt”

zakareya 2


2- “Which character represents you in “Ta7t El Saytara” series?”



And number 1 is…..

1- “12 Things Egyptian Mothers Never Throw Away!”



Hope you like them 😉

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