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The Oscars are ahead of us everyone! The biggest event of the year is on its way to get us glued to our TV screens in February. But first, the nominations.

The long-awaited Academy Awards nominations were finally revealed on January 21st. So many well-deserving performances and productions got nominated, and some undeserving ones did too. But that’s what the Oscars is all about, right?

In celebration of that, we’ve decided to have some fun, look back on last year’s trends and create our own list of the 2018 Academy Awards nominees according to the Egyptian internet; in order to give the awards to our fellow Egyptian acts : 

1# Best Picture

Dina El Sherbiny and Amr Diab’s love story

Meghan and Harry’s never-ending stares

Egypt in the World Cup

PUBG in Egypt

2# Actress in a Leading Role

Rania Youssef – El Betana

Radwa El Sherbiny – Block Block Block

Fifi Abdo – Positive Vibes Dancing videos

Ritan – Falawla

3# Actor in a Leading Role

Ahmed El Fishawy – For the Red Carpet Scene

Hamo Bika – For the Magdy Shatta Matareya Drama

Sharnouby – For his time management skills to be everywhere at the same time just like his predecessor Bayoumi Fouad

Reda Abdel Al – For predicting we’re going to be the 7asala in the World Cup

Kenan – La Teseb

4# Actor in a Supporting Role

Yasser Galal’s beard

Amir Karara’s mustache

Ahmed Amin as Semsem – El Waseya

5# Original Screenplay

Magdy Shatta – Entazerouni

El Gouna Film Festival

Al Ahly vs Pyramids FC Drama

6# Adapted Screenplay

Bushra – Kobra

Kiki Challenge


7# Original Song

Enty Ay Kalam – Tameem Younes

Ebo Mesh Baskota – Bayoumi Fouad

Mafia – Mohamed Ramadan

Ba3za2a Shabra2a – Vodafone

8# Custom Design

Mo Salah – GQ

Rania Youssef – CIFF

Sama El Masry – CIFF

Saba Mubarak – GFF

Dorra – GFF


Meme of The Year : 


So, what do you guys think about our nominees list? Hurry up! Cast your votes in the comments and wait for the results to be announced on Sunday, February 24th, the same time as the Oscars!