The three musketeers – Hisham Kharma, Hany Adel, and Nesma el Shazly came up with a brilliant new collaboration that a perfect mix of creativity, inspiration, and catchiness.

The song goes through the story of the lion and the astronaut came from Hisham Kharma’s imagination with an inspiring message of hope, perseverance and dreams coming true.

The lion and his friend, The astronaut, decided to rebel on their demeaning circumstances and follow their dream of becoming a famous band and actually making it big.

The combination of the lyrics, visuals and even choice of costumes; gave us the general atmosphere of how hard, yet easy, following dreams is. Although Kharma was wearing a costume, he was successful in conveying the emotions of someone who feels stuck in an endless cycle, it even showed in the way he walks, until he removed it to finally do what he loves most; music.

The song itself, along with the video; is such an inspiring material to whoever wants to finally lift his feet off the ground, and go chase the stars, in order to find who they really are, away from all the noise and nonsense that his ordinary life brings, or even forces.

Hisham Kharma, the lion, outdid himself this time – not only as the music composer of the song, introducing an absolute new sound, a very different flavor from his previous releases – he is also the creative mind and the director behind the video.

Kharma took us through a dramatic yet uplifting journey through out the video with great storytelling about a man who works in an amusement park always wearing a lion costume.

Hany Adel was the perfect choice to sing this song as his voice conveyed the perfect blend between the drama and the hopefulness of the song context and message.

He gave the music and the lyrics a bittersweet effect which exactly what it needed to reach people’s hearts. This is his second collaboration with Music Composer Hisham Kharma and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

As for Nesma El-Shazly; she is known for her very simple yet heartfelt lyrics, the songwriter interpreted the story of the lion and the astronaut into one main key message that “Life is Too Short” and that time should be used wisely and not wasted in vain over chasing materialistic interests in life.

This is Nesma’s third collaboration with music composer Hisham Kharma, they collaborate in 2015 with Hany Adel as well in the cheerful song “Sahla w Bassita” followed by another uplifting song for Ahl Masr Burn Hosptial Ramadan campaign “Shouf B’Albak” in 2016.

We are definitely looking forward to more projects of this trio together.

Photos Courtesy of Photographer: Ayman Nassar