Updating our entire closet isn’t necessary for feeling like we’ve got a brand-new wardrobe. In fact, four key items will do the trick.

Zara Printed Dress: the Aloha dress will infuse some tropical vibe into your wardrobe; pair it with bomber jacket and a pair of sneakers and totes for an effortless funky look. Opt for a more elegant look, pair the floral dress with heels and a colorful clutch.


American Eagle Splattered Boy Jean Crop Pant: pair those pants with a feminine sleeveless shirt or a cropped camisole for an tamed afternoon chilled look. Dress it up with a silk or linen blouse, a belt and kitten heeled pumps.


Button-Front Skirt from H &M: a cropped colorful tee would add glamour to this eighties inspired skirt; for a going out, dress up mode, replace the boxy tee with a matching bustier and sexy platform.


J.Crew Silk Stripe-Sleeve Tee: like anything else, this sporty item can be dressed up or down according to the occasion; try those under a floral sun dress and you want regret it. For an upscale attire, tuck it into a pencil skirt. Pair with sandals and a backpack for the weekend, or pumps and red lipstick for work.