Egyptian Couples

The best thing about romance is that it’s a rich area to explore in entertainment. Sometimes the exploration goes a little off-plan, as we’d said before, but sometimes it just works out perfectly.

The end result is usually a few romantic gems to look on and aw about without feeling like enablers to horrible things. We’ve carefully selected those gems for you.

Abdelghafour and Fatma

Fatma and Abdelghafour El-Borai

Anyone who has ever had a TV or internet access knows about these two. And how could they not? Abdelghafour El-Bora’i and Fatma Koshary have had one of the most iconic love stories of all time.

Theirs was also one of the most straight forward stories we’d ever known and they worked out quite well, building each other into their new lives. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

Hussein and Layla

Hussein and Layla

Although this story takes place a little over fifty years ago, El-Bab El-Maftouh remains one of the most inspiring movies out there. It’s all about a girl and her relationship with society, love, and new ideals.

This might sound the same as any other 60’s movie, but it’s not because it introduces Saleh Selim as Hussein, who starts something of a relationship with Layla.

This relationship is different, though, because Hussein respects Layla as a person who has a fully-functioning brain and her own personality.

He even encourages her to grow and evolve and we’re pretty sure that mindset was certainly progressive for its time. It makes the fact that Saleh Selim can’t act barely noticeable.

Khalaf and Samara

Samara and Khalaf

Okay, before you judge us for this, we know it’s unconventional. Especially considering that Khalaf is crushing on Abla the entire movie before vaguely ending up with Seyada, but hear us out.

They aren’t exactly official, but when Khalaf is in a time of need, he turns to Samara. They shared troubles together and he sort of becomes part of the family, if even for a while.

It’s cute, you can’t deny this and it could have developed into something even bigger.

We’re pretty sure that Medhat El-Adl thought so too, because that last shot of Samara looking at Khalaf before her part ends says a lot.

Bardaweel and Samiha Shabasheb

Samiha and Bardaweel

We bet you never thought that a relationship like this would get this kind of attention. Not for anything, specifically, except that both parts of the couple are criminals.

Samiha and Bardaweel aren’t cute in the way most couples are cute, but they’re refreshing. They’re both in tune with themselves and each other’s needs. There’s no more pretending.

If that’s not enough, there’s even the fact that Bardaweel broke crime syndicate rules to protect Samiha when he was told to kill her. That was easily one of the top shocking moments of Egyptian drama and in a good way.

Hassan and Reem

Hassan and Reem

We know what you’re thinking. A teacher and a part-time thief, part-time foster father won’t be that good of a couple, but they are actually.

Reem and Hassan don’t only share the Good Girl and Bad Boy typical love story. They share more than that, like genuine emotion and support. They even care for little Nesma so much they bond over that too.

In fact, at one point in the movie, Reem discovers Hassan is a thief but doesn’t cringe or shy away from that. She actually helps him and supports him on his journey to being a better person.

At this point, you may be thinking these couples aren’t all that. There aren’t any major couple goals here, but there’s the potential. That’s more than we can say about half of our cinema.