Admit it, we’ve seen a lot of couples in our life. And we’re not talking about our closest friends. We’re talking about the couples that you see once in your lifetime at a café. Involuntarily observing them of course.


1. The Newbie Parents

Their son is called Omar and he’s been crying a lot lately w mametha msh hate2dar 3aleh w babaha msh haye3raf yenam. And that’s just the start of it. Remembering things you forgot to do is the worst part. Sometimes Omar doesn’t like the baby milk formula and you hear the mom say” “Ana kont lazem asseblo el laban el tabee3y. Tefteker mama hate3raf tessaytar?”


2. The Loud Couple

“The laugh”, it has a name because it’s not just those little giggles that slowly fade out in the sound of conversation. This laugh has to absolutely make you turn your head. Tshoof bas el sot da gai menen w le meen w 3ashan eh w ezay…keda ya3ni.


3. The Silent Couple

Their silence is deafening, so deafening that you don’t even realize that they’re there. They’re the kind of couple that when you notice them, you instantly think “eda homa gom hena emta?”


4. El Msh Taye2 Sa7beto

You just feel it. The moment you sit down on your chair, right before you pull out the menu, you can already sense that negative energy. A couple is sitting across your table and they’re glaring at each other right before the pounce. It is usually the most dramatic table, and you wouldn’t want to be sitting there.


5. The Awkward First-Date Couples

The first date is always the most awkward, you can tell from just glancing at the couple that there is too much ear/hair touching, fidgeting fingers and leg shaking; and that’s just on the outside. The guy’s train of thoughts always gets back to the same dreaded thing “hmmm tab we eh tany…?”

You can really tell in just 2 hours of being there what type of couple you’re sitting next to. That’s definitely something you unconsciously pay attention to.