The 5 Struggles of Online Hanging Out

Okay, we’ll fess up. No matter which day of self-quarantine we’re on, we all miss our friends on the regular. We miss the easy times, you know, when everyone would just hang out wherever and only come home when their parents’ missed calls started piling up.

Unfortunately, though, since that might not be a reality for some time, we’ll all have to make due with the latest online-friendship technology we’ve been blessed with — video chats.

One problem, though. Hanging out via video has plenty of struggles of its own. And we mean plenty.

Your stellar Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes, the journey to hang out with other people is hampered by enemies. And sometimes, your biggest enemy is your own internet router because, honestly, what the hell is going on with our packages?

Sure, we all know Egyptian internet has never been the best but, with so many people on the internet 24/7, it seems like it’s being worse than usual.

The camera quality is horrendous the bigger the group-chat gets

So, you managed to get your internet going, relatively normally, and now you’re struggling with your app-camera quality. See, it wasn’t that good to begin with and you were just trying to get your good angle.

But wait, it gets worse. As more friends join the chat, you’ll discover the camera gets more and more horrendous, as does the sound quality, and now you have a god-awful ‘shshhhh‘ sound haunting the entire call.

Applications, Applications

With quarantine time undecided, it’s come to our attention that more and more apps keep getting made. Or at least, it seems that way.

With options like Zoom and Houseparty joining a mix that already has Messenger, Just Talk, Imo, and many others, we just cannot decide where we want to talk.

Low energy levels

Okay, we’ll admit. Sometimes, it’s not technology’s fault that we have difficulty video-chatting friends. Sometimes, the fault is ironically ours because, well, just because we’re quarantining doesn’t mean we’re getting enough sleep.

And, yes, for the record. Not having enough energy to do the basic minimum also means we just don’t have the energy to talk anymore.

Trying to get everybody awake at the same time

Hey, just because we said you might go low on energy from time to time doesn’t mean everyone else is always up for a conversation.

Sometimes, they’re not up at all and you’ll have to go through severe calculations to see if your friends are even awake. How you end up bringing the group-chat together is a mystery you’ll have to solve on your own.

What other online hanging out problems do you have?