Many breakups are just too weird for us to comprehend, yet they remain very common. But why are such unusual breakups so common across different cultures? Why do they happen? How can’t couples find it bizarre just like everybody else? There are all questions that many of us failed to find answers to.

Please guys, save us from this misery and stop the weirdness. Don’t accepts such breakups, because sincerely it is weird for EVERYONE.

#1: The One Where They Are Still Best Friends

I am sorry to disappoint you, but being besties with your ex is just plain weird. How do you talk casually without feeling like you want to stab them in the back or the exact opposite; to be with them? It surprises me when two people who just broke up decide on being ‘best friends’. Who are you fooling? This is the worst choice you could ever make!

#2: The ‘On and Off’ Breakup

In order for the both of you to move on, you need to eliminate any kinds of distraction. How the hell do you still get back together every couple of months and then breakup and expect yourself to move on? Well, if you haven’t noticed, dating your ex is THE distraction you need to eliminate *Face palm*

#3: The One Where You Date Your Ex’s Best Friend

Some people believe that dating your ex’s best friend will be some kind of revenge. But come on peeps, why would you do that? What if you get to like this person and now you are stuck with your ex as the bride’s maid of honor or the groom’s best man. Good luck with that!

#4: Breaking up with Your Best Friend’s Brother/Sister

It is weird enough to date your best friend’s brother/sister and now imagine that you just broke up with them. God be with you! Now the best friend is stuck in between not knowing what to do, and you don’t know who to talk to. Why do this? Why?

#5: On a Break… For Two Years Now

It is a common thing to have a break from your partner, but it gets really weird when this break lasts for years and years and no one brings it up again. I mean are you guys still together but ‘on a break’ for the past couple of years, or are you chicken enough to not break up like normal human beings?

Save us the misery and break up like normal people.