Best Fries in Egypt

On your quest for a good, fast meal, you’ll run into your fair share of fries. Some will be perfectly salted and crunchy but others might be…well, questionable, to say the least. As people who care about the quality of our side dishes, we had to make a list of the guaranteed best spots for fries.

Cook Door’s Friskes Fries

We might have a few disputes about Cook Door’s sandwiches, but their fries are above judgement. The friskes fries are even better than the regular ones, which is saying something.

Perfectly spiced and crunchy, friskes is an option you can rely on no matter the branch. It can get a bit greasy, though.

Hardee’s Cheesy Curly Fries (Zamalek Branch)

Cheese fries are a godsend and so are curly fries. Mix the two together and you’ve got the perfect snack which Hardee’s serves well.

We can’t vouch for every branch, but the Zamalek branch, right next to the Fine Arts Uni building, serves the cheesy fries in a perfectly kept, perfectly hot and melty condition.

Arby’s Curly Fries

A relatively new contender compared to other fast food places, Arby’s is bringing a new twist to curly fries. Pun intended. If you visit when it’s not too crowded, you can guarantee a perfect snack.

Mince’s Waffle Potato Bites

Mince’s specialty is burgers, that’s true, but you cannot go wrong with an order of fries at this food-stop. All the dishes are great, but what stands out most are the waffle potato bites, which offer a new shape and new taste to an old favorite.

Any Fries From Chicken Fil-A

A savior for many students and budget-limited people, Chicken Fil-A also has an excellent side dish menu. From the hell fries to plain fries to fries with different sauces and mixtures, the sides are an experience you don’t want to miss. Just don’t gorge yourself to fulfillment too soon.

Regular McDonald’s Fries

Who are we kidding here? You knew it the minute you first read this article’s title. The best fries in Egypt are a classic that has been with us since childhood.

When in doubt, you can always order from McDonald’s and get fries that are perfectly salted. It’s just the gold standard.

Try the crunch factor for yourself and tell us, were we right in our picks?