Chicken, beef, rolled or fattah, no one could argue about how Shawerma is the best comfort food. The mere image of the hot juicy cone rotating on fire is just mouthwatering. And here we bring you the best old and new Shawerma places in Cairo!


This is a cozy little Shawerma place in Mohandiseen with one of the best Shawerma sandwiches in town. They make it with a special seasoning and it’s always super cheesy!

Abu Youssef

Another Mohandiseen restaurant that masters the art of Shawerma is Abu Youssef. Our favorite there is the beef Shawerma with extra pomegranate molasses (debs roman). Portions are a bit tiny, though!


Sometimes we crave Shawerma but are bored of the usual chicken and tahini, this is where Hanks in Heliopolis comes in. It is the only place around that adds cool spins to Shawerma. Try their sausages or liver Shawerma next time you’re there!

Doner Konner

A doner is basically the Turkish Shawerma that we’re also blessed here with. Only difference is, the doner is much more juicy and marinated. It’s definitely worth a try!

Abou Heidar

Abu Heidar in Roxy is the first place that made us fall in love with the cones. We often find ourselves missing their pretty basic yet tasty Shawerma, no matter how many years have passed.


Semsema’s Shawerma is as classic as it could get. There is no way you don’t order a handful of their yummy Shawerma in petit pain bread every once in a while!

We don’t know why but there’s something about Shawerma that makes our stomachs sing. And with those 6 spots, we’ve got your cravings covered!