We live in a time where parents may or may not have the final say. Sometimes parents don’t fit into one category, and you can clearly see that through your friends’ families and even your own.

Below are 6 types of Egyptian parents with a unique dominating trait.


1. Authoritative Parents

You’ll know your parents were authoritative when you realize after marriage that you spent 20 years of your life living in a bubble. When you haven’t been to a Smokery kareoke night 3ashan ma3adek fl beit 3omro mabey7assal wa2t el kheroog. And when you discuss being late, akhrek akhrek 10:30, w law za7ma momken 11PM. W da law bey3adooha.


2. Stressed Out Parents

Three words: 20 missed calls

El bent etkhatafet! But you can’t blame them; they were overprotective since the day you were born. Sometimes their anxiety rubs off on you, and you find yourself really stressing over the fact that you don’t have a dress to wear for your best friend’s wedding… in 2019.


3. Laid Back Parents

They are the permissive type. Few rules are set to avoid confrontation; everything is just super easy with them and there’s rarely ever any need to argue or explain. “Mama ana messafra Malaysia el ezboo3 el gaii ma3 ass7aby.”

“Allah! Of course habibti, matensseesh bas takhdi el 7o2na 3ashan tatafady el amrad”.


4. El 3enhom F 7agtek

It’s you, yourself and your parents. The 3 of you against the world, or against you really. They take ‘sharing is caring’ on a whole other level. You might as well share the same iCloud account. They’re the type that when you get off the phone laughing, they ultimately ask you what was so funny. And they want details.


5. El Ossra El Malka

El nass t2ool 3alena eh? Ebn 3amet khalet babaki ye2ool 3alena eh? They’re always concerned about what people think, just because they’re living up the perfect family life to the T. You have the workaholic dad and the housewife mom, and the perfectly disciplined kids. And everyone is usually in-sync.


6. The Family-Is-Everything-Parents

Trust and love over everything. It’s the perfect type of parents, because they put family first. Spending quality time with the kids at least once a day is a must. Travelling together at least twice a year is a must. W ebnohom w a7fdhom lazem lazem yebato ma3ahom at least once a week. Msh 3ayzeen netfara2 abadan.


So which family type are you?