The 6 Weirdest Facebook Groups Yet

You’d think that with all of these technological advancements, Facebook has gotten just about as weird as humanly possible, right? Well, if you do then you’re sorely mistaken. The weirdness is taking on a new turn for the 2020’s, with good reason.

See, with all the quarantine boredom, some people found that the only fun way to fight the boredom is to pretend to be literally anything and letting your mind road, wild and free. These 6 groups will show you just what we mean.

We pretend we’re ناس سالكة

If you’ve seen a meme or two about the many two-faced interactions that are now a norm of life, this group may just be the one for you. When they’re not roasting “snakes” and future Harvey Dents, the group members come up with the best selection of memes so you can laugh and share them with a side-eye emoji.

Zerebet El-Mo7anakeen

Do you enjoy movies and TV shows? Of course you do, but do you enjoy them so much you would analyze every single thing in any given show? Including Egyptian productions, fully knowing none of what you’re saying is happening.

If you’re up for this, you’d be up for this group. In Zerebet El-Mo7anakeen, you’ll find all theories are a go because everyone’s here for a laugh at the end of the day.

We pretend we are still in Zamalek

We all miss being out and about but don’t you miss being out and about in specific districts more? We know that we, for instance, don’t miss a place more than we miss Zamalek. And we’re certainly not alone.

In this group, you’ll find all those who loved hanging out, working, or studying in Zamalek share photos of their stories and inside jokes only those who know will know.

Hane3’leb El-Sakka

After Ahmed El-Sakka’s new competition show (with ‘competition’ used very loosely), a shocking amount of memes were released onto the internet and we had our fair share of laughing our hearts out at them.

But some people took it a notch further, starting a quasi-fan club/meme page about Ahmed El-Sakka and, among other things, his in-your-face gentlemanlike behavior. It’s a ride, honestly.

We pretend we’re mommies

curated videos from the group

Okay, so we all get it. Sometimes, our moms take their jobs a little too seriously and have us putting up with ridiculous rules and shenanigans. And sometimes, we want nothing more than to make fun of that. Yes, this is the sole purpose of this group.

A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony

We bet you didn’t think it would get this weird but here we are! We don’t know how someone came up with it, but yes, someone did start a group in which everyone pretends they’re ants in an ant colony. Maybe it’s a comfort to know that this group is not Egyptian-made.

Yes, social media will keep getting weirder.