When I left my favorite BB cream at home, I discovered a drugstore foundation that will now be a staple in my makeup routine.i am used to the Garnier or Maybelline BB cream; it is soft smooth and blends well with my semi oily-semi dry crazy skin complexion.

On my last trip to Gouna, I realized that I had forgotten my tub of magic at home; alas…I head to the drug store, desperate for a product to hide my hideous (almost scary) face burns. In an avalanche of tanning oils and after sun soothing products, I stumbled on a treasure, Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation; when I applied it I immediately realized that the formula is a thick and velvety. It blends like a dream, has a dewy, translucent, satin finish.

I know that not every Wet n Wild product is a hit, but this one is now a staple of my makeup bag. The major drawback is that it’s really only available in medium skin tones.

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