As we all know, Egypt is home to one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Great Giza Pyramids. But since Egypt is a whole other world on its own, we happen to have our own wonders as well. Any Egyptian can simply define his/her wonders on a daily basis. They are ever-changing, but for the meantime, here are the 7 we want to share with you:

1- A family of 4 on a Motorcycle


Safety and innovation don’t come hand in hand. In this special wonder, an entire family can ride on a motorcycle with zero worries or concerns.

2- Fifi Abdou


Our forever favorite human being. She can brighten up your day, even if she’s on her way to a funeral. It’s just how Foffa functions. But the biggest question remains, ‘How doesn’t Fifi Abdou have her own reality show till now?’

3- Amr Diab


He simply doesn’t age. Time passes and he’s still the same, if not sexier. It makes you wonder where is he hiding Melisandre’s necklace.

4- Mugshot ID Pictures


Each person has a different story of how their ID picture was captured, and 99.9% will answer with ‘I didn’t even know the picture was being taken’. As we’re all well aware, it’s in black and white and since you don’t even have time to get ready or smile, a convicted felon’s picture is often the result even if you went looking like the proper person you really are.

5- Humor Is the Mother Tongue


Humor runs in our blood. Be it someone’s outfit or an obnoxious death, Egyptians will manage to twist it around and look at the bright side. With humor comes responsibility, and in this case it is ‘efehat el aflam’. If you really don’t know them, you won’t be able to twist anything around.

6- Magical Sayes


The Sayes mainly reminds us of a Harry Potter spell where he simply appears out of nowhere even if you don’t need help to get out of your parking spot. It’s not necessarily that he has helped you parked, but he will come out of the blue just in time while you’re leaving.

7- Not Only God Can Judge You


And 95 million Egyptians. Be it anything you’re going to do that’s slightly out of the ordinary definition…You will be judged upon it.

Seven wonders aren’t even enough to sum up what Egypt can surprise you with, but we still love it no matter what.