No matter how solid your relationship is, there are some bricks made of cement; if they hit your relationship they will break it down into pieces. So keep an eye for these 8 mistakes that no relationship can survive:

1. Keeping secrets

X: “Are you keeping something from me?”
Y: “…..No.”


When you and your partner start keeping each other in the dark and so many secrets that you can hear a pin drop between both of you, a fat gap will stretch between you and your partner. When you tried to close it, it might be too late.


2. Trying to change them

X: “You need to start acting differently.”

Y: “ I take that as you don’t like how I am anymore.”

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Trying to change your partner to better suit you instead of accepting them is like telling them they are not good enough. That’s cruel and makes you the bad guy. That way, you will end up both walking away from the relationship, and no one will walk out happy.


3. Counting on them to make you happy

X: “It’s your job to make me happy.”

Let me make this clear, the secret to happiness is freedom, so why would you want to imprison yourself and become emotionally dependent? Being happy is your job not your partner’s, he/she should make you happy but it’s not the only reason why you chose them. So don’t put too much pressure on your partner, otherwise you will push them to find a way out of this relationship.


4. Disrespecting their family

X: “I hate your mom”

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It is like being between a rock and hard place when your significant other’s family rejects you but that isn’t the end of the road. Not everyone will consider you their favorite person in the world. So no matter what, never show disrespect toward his/her family. On the other hand, your partner must stand up for you whenever his family is  doing you wrong. Fair is fair.


5. Never fighting

X: “We are like the happiest couple ever; we have never had a fight.” 

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Let me break the bad news; fighting is healthy in a relationship. It’s constructive because it allows emotional expression and throws weight off your shoulders, so not fighting isn’t something you should brag about. Keeping emotions bottled up all the time will harm your relationship. For goodness’ sake, they even fight in fairytales.


6. Forgetting to forgive

X: “I am sorry”

Y: “I will never forgive you”

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As Carrie Fisher once said: “Resentment is the poison you swallow hoping the other person will die.” Letting go of anger and bitterness can work wonders for your relationship. When you forget to forgive, you simply sentence your relationship to an ending.


7. Not having a life outside of the relationship

X: “You’re my whole life, LITERALLY.”

Your significant other shouldn’t be your whole life, and you shouldn’t be his/hers.  Otherwise you will take the joy out of your relationship.


8. Not trusting them

X: “Let me check his phone”


Snooping on your partner is a behavior most people would not tolerate. It is a sign of insecurity and fear driving; you must give him/her some space, and yes, some privacy! We all need it.