A note to the restaurants on the list: We really love you guys, but nobody is perfect after all! 

It’s not personal, we promise!

Each of us has a favorite place to eat, but even our favorite restaurants might have some really bad dishes that we never want to give another try.

According to a survey conducted by our team, here are a few examples:

1# Spectra’s White Sauce Pasta:

Although we can’t deny that Spectra serves HUGE portions, but let us tell you what almost everybody we surveyed, unfortunately, agreed on.


We don’t know why, it’s just really bad, and the sauce tastes like creamy water.

Maybe work on that, Spectra, please? 


2# Crave’s Risotto:

Okay, Crave is just AWESOME. Whether you try their amazing Penne Fried Chicken Pasta or tasty Taco Salad, everything they serve is simply scrumptious.

HOWEVER, a number of customers with really different tastes, tried the risotto, and the feedback was not positive.

It tastes like hot sprinkled seeds, to say the least. 


3# Casper and Gambini’s Cobb Salad :

Well, this place offers a lot of yummy dishes. From the homemade sandwiches to the Pain Perdu, and also their famous AMAZING breakfast menu; there’s plenty to choose from.

But not all items on their menu come in consistent quality, unfortunately.

You would think that all Casper and Gambini’s salads are nice, but they’re not. Their Cobb Salad is literally a mixture of frozen veggies put together. (Sorry, but it’s the sad truth) 


4# Vinny’s White Sauce Cheese Pizza:

Vinny’s Pizza is surely new in the scene, and we haven’t heard much about how good or bad it is.

But, we’ve asked about their White Sauce Pizza, and, well, it’s on this list for a reason. (Some people also mentioned  their rough dough, not the best!)


5# Steakout’s Chicken Ceaser Salad:

Steakout is one of the most popular dinning place, and it’s where you could eat anything (kind of), but a Chicken Caesar Salad.

Their Chicken Caesar Salad is basically a normal garden salad, with some chicken added on top. It tastes like there’s no Caesar dressing on it, although there is. One just doesn’t feel it.


6# Peking’s Veggie Soup:

Peking is BRILLIANT, when it comes to fried rice or veggie noodles. Their Soy Chicken is also very tasty.

But (apart from their Chicken Corn Soup) their soups are just really nothing special, they basically taste like hot water with spices.

So Peking please, step up your soup game!


7# El Tazaj’s Kofta:

El Tazaj is known for its special grilled chicken and yummy rice!

But again, unfortunately their Kofta is just bad for some reason, and usually helps you welcome a strong stomachache.


8# Burger Joint’s Greek Burger:

This may sound great to some people. Like who doesn’t like anything with the word “Greek” on it? Greek Salad, Greek yogurt, Greek olives. NOT Greek Burger!

It just tastes like they’ve put all the wrong ingredients that don’t go together, together!

Not cool, Burger Joint, not cool.

(But you have other burgers that are just wonder!)


Again, the restaurants on the list definitely have some tasty dishes that are really worth trying. But, unfortunately, sometimes the bad stands out. 

Tell us what you think of our list, and if you have more to add to it!