We all have our days where we can’t stand a single soul, particularly if this soul is a very talkative stranger. And some people live in this state where they just hate talking to anyone; they just hate other people for no apparent reason…or maybe there are some reasons antisocial people feel the way they do!


The daily struggles of people who hate other people can be manifested in the following situation:

When a stranger comes and sits next to you, all you think of is “I hope they don’t chat me up. I hope they don’t chat me up.”1347280964508708


But then you realize how naïve you were, because they just started babbering.



So you hope they just talk and not ask any questions about your personal life or your opinion regarding any issue.

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Again you are wrong! They start socializing; “what’s your name?” “How old are you?” “What do you do?”


You’re either forced to answer or just be rude and ignore.

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However, ignoring wouldn’t be the best choice here. They’ll just keep on going. They are unstoppable.


They start talking about their personal lives and discussing their problems. I mean come on, why would you discuss your personal issues with a total stranger? Haven’t you been taught to never talk to strangers when you were a kid?!



Not just that, they also demand an opinion and some advice, like who told you I’m an expert?



The worst part is still yet to come; when they start discussing politics! There is no safe exit here, you are totally screwed, dude.calling-1


So after they leave (if that would ever happen) you start hating the day even more and cursing whatever reason made you leave your room.


And suddenly it hits you that all this time you had the earphones plugged CLEARLY in your ears; however, their voices were louder than the music playing. And you start wondering why the hell hasn’t those earphones stopped them from chatting.



So you finally decide to act deaf next time.