By: Perihan El Etreby

If you reside in Alexandria, the probability of being a Sporting or a Smouha club member is very high. Even if you’re not a member, you must have  at least been once to each of these two clubs and should be familiar with the never-ending competition between them.


1) It’s always RED/GREEN vs. BLUE/WHITE
Whether it’s a basketball, handball or a volleyball game, Sporting vs. Smouha matches are always on fire. It doesn’t matter if  it’s the junior or the first team players, the numbers of audience present will make you feel like it’s a Zamalek vs. El Ahly game. In Alexandria, we rarely miss those.


2) Farafeer or jealous?

Most of Smouha club members refer to Sporting young members as “daddy’s princesses” or “mamma’s boys”. They particularly criticize the boys and label them “Farafeer”. Sporting members, however, believe Smouha members are always jealous of them; this rivalry has been going on for too long even though none of the members care to admit it.


3) A matter of showing off

If the families of a newly engaged couple are trying to show off, the following conversation may take place:

Groom’s mom: “Oh, Sporting is like “Oda w salah”; it’s a very small club. Poor you, we hear about your annoying parking problems; you must be devastated”- it’s a parking problem, not Ebola; chill auntie.

Bride’s mom: “But you know, I feel more comfortable here; it’s more upscale. I could never go to Smouha, like never ever!” – what’s wrong with you tante? It’s a decent club too; don’t exaggerate.


4) “My daughter wouldn’t settle for less than a club member groom!”

I don’t care what job you have, where you live or what future plan you have in mind. Just a simple question: are you a member of any of these two clubs? If yes, then congratulations, we can get married.

The club’s membership fees are very high; the only option to have full access to the club is marrying a member. Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to such details.

What if a Sporting member marries a Smouha member? It’s a win-win situation; “Yet7esdo”.


5) “Ana w akhooya 3ala ebn 3ami w ana w ebn 3ami 3al ghareeb”
Sporting and Smouha club members took this expression to a whole new level. They can turn from bitter competitors to devoted supporters in a blink of an eye. For example, when Sporting plays against Al Ahly or Smouha plays against Heliopolis, the support both clubs show to one another is priceless. The Alexandrian bond they have is immensely strong. You can always see the other club members cheering; that’s what we truly call the “Alexandrian Spirit!”