There is no doubt that occasional innocent flirting can help your relationship status and bring new people into your life. But sometimes it can get borderline creepy or even be considered as harassment. So to be clear, you need to show your crush that you are a true gentleman who’s attractive on the inside, as much as on the outside.

Here are few tips and tricks for how to flirt like a gent without coming on as a scary creep:

1- Eye Contact

Always make sure the girl you have your eyes for gets to notice you; just take an occasional glance at her and smile. A nice smile never hurt anyone, it’s actually a great way to know if the feeling can be mutual. But hey, IT’S NOT A STARING COMPETITION. A couple of seconds will do you just fine.

2- Introduce Yourself

Only if she smiles back at you, be brave enough to make the greatest move of all time. Go introduce yourself. Depending on the situation, if she’s surrounded by a group of friends and they’re having a chat, you can always go and say “You guys look like you’re having fun, what are you talking about?” with a smile. Remember to be all nice and smooth.

3- Compliments

You should drop the idea of “we are here to object” if you are trying to flirt with a girl. Always agree with whatever she says to make her feel more comfortable and connected to you. A nice compliment is due to make her feel good about herself and that you are interested. But hey again, no physical compliments. Her personality should be the focus of your compliments.

4- Your Best Move

Now that you guys have been chatting for a while, it’s time for your best move. It could be dancing, maybe cracking jokes, we all have a best move. Find yours and talk about it while you get her a nice drink. But also don’t show her your HULK abilities by getting the strongest drink at the bar, because you will probably end up making a fool of yourself.

5- Take Her Number and Make Future Plans

You guys are “supposedly” having a good time so now is the time to make future plans. Don’t make it official and ask her out on a date. See what she likes in general and try to make plans with her for a nice outing. And at the very end ask her for her number.

6- Confidence

The key to success in everything. Make sure you have enough confidence to take over the world, because that’s attractive. A confident smiling man is a hot one. Always make sure you are well dressed and smelling fresh; no one likes a sloppy man. Put on a crisp shirt and flaunt some accessories.

Let us know if the tips above work for you, or if you have anything else to add. And please guys, remember, you can take no for an answer because that’s simply how it goes.