Best of 2019 memes

It’s been the best of times, the worst of times, and everything in between. However bad or good this year was, though, we can all agree on one thing: we’ve upped our meme game as always.

This was a particularly tough selection process, but here are our top picks for the best memes of 2019.

“Ha eh tany?”

It’s tough to leave this one out of the race, honestly, because it was and still is very relevant. It doesn’t hurt that it represents a total mood.

“Enta betala3 eh ya 3am”

This one works too well because you can just hear Eshry’s voice when seeing any of these memes.

“Dema3′ sha3’ala mesh betnam”

Considering Marawan Pablo has been trending for a good chunk of the year, we shouldn’t be surprised one of his lines made it into meme status.

“Awel mara ashoof la3eb sala bytkalem”

This meme was everywhere a while back and it was always a surprise because we couldn’t tell if it was going to be heartwarming or brutal.

W raby mafeeha shay

This meme came in as a late contender but the filters and the voices somehow make it worth it.

Lady fighting the cat meme

Honestly, we’ll never get tired of this meme and all its various formats.

“Mesh 7ewar y3ni” meme

Can we deny Talaat Zakaria’s comedic genius? No, we can’t. He’s always present in some way or another.

Fathy Abdelwahab meme

It seems that Samir Spot is an eternal presence in our lives but we really don’t mind. The memes are worth it!

Falawkas memes

We’ve spoken about this in details and while we think the original pitch was not that funny, the offbeat memes certainly are.

“So2al so3bany showaya”

We’re not really sure of the context of this meme, but the video keeps getting better every time.

“Ya sater ya Rab holy shit!” meme

This meme calls back a lot of feelings, doesn’t it? The fear and running and all the jazz it evokes still ring fresh.

“Ana maba3temedsh asamy”

Magdy Shatta has featured in a lot of memes this year, but this is one of our favorites.

“Ma3andeesh yama er7ameeny”

Obama El-Masry doesn’t even try to be a meme and that’s the best part. Tell us, can’t you hear his voice through the picture?

Angry, frowning child

How does an American child become an infamous Egyptian meme? Pose like this, we guess.

“Eh ya Sherbiny?!”

Ramadan ads usually provide the best memes and this National Bank of Egypt ad just proves it.

Helmy Bakr and Magdy Shatta

As it goes every once in a couple of years, Helmy Bakr lost his nerves on national TV again. The only difference this time was that Magdy Shatta couldn’t stop himself from laughing, giving us a steady meme fodder for months.

3arekny cat meme

You may not remember it now, but this cat was everywhere in early 2019 and we still see this meme’s impact now. Can you even count how many cat memes came after this?

“5od raqamy please” meme

We don’t know how or who started this meme and kept it going, but we’re thankful.

This Amr Abdelgelil meme

We’ve heard a rumor that says every Amr Abdelgelil movie is secretly a way to generate millions of memes and so far, we’re still being proved right.

Alaa Abdela’l

An iconic moment in Egyptian football and meme history, this video of Alaa Abdelaal’s exchange with this journalist will be untouchable for many, many years.


One of the best things about this meme is that it pays tribute to the often neglected Habd Culture.

This was a tough choice, but you know we had to do it.