Pizza? Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s the perfect food for everyone. If you don’t like pizza, get up now and take a good long look in the mirror. Whether you’re looking for just one slice or a whole pizza, you won’t find them any better than the ones on our list below!

Primo’s Pizza

This is a somewhat new pizza place that has found its way to our hearts super fast. We mean, have you tried their seafood ranch? It’s just heavenly! They have a branch in Heliopolis and Dokki.

El Soltan

This is not your typical fancy pizzeria, it’s a small place in Nasr City. But with Feteer-like pizzas, they have managed to establish themselves as one of the best pizza places in town!

Porta D’oro

Maybe you didn’t know that but yes, our favorite Italian restaurant makes great pizza too. If you’re a fan of the original thin crust, you need to try it at one of their many branches soon!


This is a family owned eatery in Downtown that will surely give you the Italian vibes with their unrivaled authentic pizza. Nearly every time we visit the small cozy place, we walk out feeling full and satisfied.

Best Way

Best Way is one of the early places that made us fall in love with the Egyptianized version of pizza. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than their Mozzarella and Kiri stuffed crust!


Remember the “pizza cake” trend that had a moment a couple of years ago, well they created it. But other than coming up with new inventions, they make really good New Yorker slices.

Maison Thomas

Craving a classic pizza? Head to Maison Thomas in Zamalek. Thomas has been here since forever, but their pizzas never get old. Their Napoli and Monaco are just timeless, people!

We are so thankful Cairo has variety when it comes to pizza! Did your favorite pizza place make the list?