The 39th Cairo International Film Festival has kicked off, and the opening ceremony seemed promising. We won’t claim that this is our favourite year when it comes to fashion; we can safely say that NO ONE deserved a big WOW!

Anyone who grabs attention can technically qualify as a winner in fashion, but still, it’s a worthy distraction to toss them into a few categories. So, let’s get down to business.


Best dressed List 


1. Hend Sabry 

When in doubt wear black. This is a simple mantra all stylists swear by, and Mehdy Kallel, the Tunisian designer thought so too when he designed Hend Sabry. It was a big night for the lovely actress. She received the Faten Hamam Award For Excellence, and her dress was a smart and very chic choice. Maybe a bit safe too!

2. Injy El Mokaddem

Talk about playing safe, Engy El Mokaddem did the exact opposite. After falling in our Worst Dressed List in El Gouna Film Festival, she looked fierce in her golden Kojak dress, and earned her place in the Best Dressed List this time.

3. Saba Moubarak 

Well, Saba’s dresses are always open for debates. She makes it a point to be an eye catcher each time she walks on the red carpet, and this time she stole the night in her dress by Jordanian designer Laith Maalouf.


4. Naglaa Badr 

Naglaa Badr took her first confident step into the Best Dresses Category last night, and looked stunning. Her dress is made by the Egyptian designer Marwa Waddah.


The Not Sure List 


Though Yosra claimed and owned a spot in our Best Dressed List at El Gouna Film Festival, and though she is this year’s Honorary President, last night wasn’t the best choice of attire for the star.

2. Dorra 

Well, at first sight when Dorra appeared on the TV screen, and the rhinestone on her dress caught the light, I thought she looked dazzling, seriously. But when she stepped out of the light, hmm… let’s say she was swept straight onto our question mark list.

3. Bushra 

Another celebrity fall of the Best Dressed List at El Gouna Festival. We can see that Bushra was aiming for the adventurous and playful vibe, but the snake is so distracting, and creepy to say the least.

Worst Dressed List 

1. Asala 

Well, her performance was phenomenal, but Asala’s dress choice by Nicholas Jebran was a total miss!

2. Abir Sabry 

First Yasmine Sabry, and now Abir Sabry!!! The ‘Carina’ is taking over ya gam3a!

3. Engy Aly 

 Engy Aly earned a timeout on our worst dressed list. Full Stop.

4. Riham Abd El Ghafour 

We wanted to love Riham Abd El Ghafour’s dress, but sadly she missed the mark. The bright side is that she had a major haircut.


Of course, fashion is a highly subjective thing, so let us know if you agree or disagree with us.