The Best Villains This Ramadan!

Everyone loves a good show villain, right? There’s nothing like gathering in front of your TV set with you loved ones to hate on a person who keeps giving you reasons to hate them. And if this is your cup of tea, well, you’ll be glad to know Ramadan mosalsalat are the gift that keeps on giving!

See, if there’s a shortage of decent plot and good character arcs, there’s only one thing Egyptian drama will never lack — and that’s rotten-to-the-core, honestly horrific TV villains.

Farah from Kheyanet Ahed

Arguably one of the strongest villains this Ramadan, Farah from Kheyanet Ahed has been hated so much online it’s making us worry for the actual actress.

her favorite line is “I’m a doctor” and yet she hasn’t saved a single soul

On the show, Farah is a doctor and a “loving” sister to Ahed until we see that she actually hates her and kind of wishes her pain, if not outright death. And she didn’t stop at causing Ahed misery either; she also targeted her son Hisham by turning him into a drug addict and then *spoilers* killing him — yeah, the public does not like her.

Fathy from El-Brens

You could say that everyone in Radwan’s family is a villain on El-Brens and you’d be right. However, their evil has standards and that’s not something you can say about Fathy, the mastermind and leader.

even Fadwa can’t keep up with his evil ways

So, what has Fathy done so far on his show? Let’s count — cheated on his wife, made both his wives think they were infertile, harassed Ola multiple times, planned his brother’s family’s murder, put said brother in jail over inheritance, and left his own 5 year-old niece in the middle of nowhere. He hasn’t done one good thing so far.

Mo’nes from El-Nehaya

A man so cartoonishly dedicated to his job it should be a crime, Mo’nes is someone with a lot of power in the El-Nehaya universe and isn’t afraid to use that power to ensure that the status quo is maintained. In fact, he’s not even above terrorizing children or killing them — that’s kind of his specialty.

Riham from Forsa Tanya

Yes, yet another infamous Ramadan villain. Honestly, on a show where everyone is insufferable, coming out as the ultimate villain is something to behold and Riham did that spectacularly.

When she wasn’t stalking Ziad or begging him to marry her, Riham was constantly coming up with ideas and schemes on how to get rid of Malak, even coming up with the option of murder once. Honestly, why wasn’t she taken to therapy sooner?

Hisham El-Ashmawy from El-Ekhteyar

No matter how questionable you think El-Awady’s portrayal of Hisham El-Ashmawy is, we kind of have to agree on one thing. You can’t have a literal terrorist on a Ramadan show and not have him on a villains list.

Trust us, we know we’re going to be up against some villainy in the final episodes.

We’re just thankful they’re on separate shows. Can you imagine it if they could band together?