best of celeb feuds 2019

Every year, the entertainment scene gives us a lot more than we know what to do with. It’s not all fun and games and odd couples and hit songs, mind you. No, we also get some weird but entertaining feuds that keep people (and meme-makers!) going.

So, without further ado, here are the best celebrity feuds of 2019!

Somaya El-Khashab VS Ahmed Saad

When Ahmed Saad and Somaya El-Kashab got married, everyone thought it was certainly kind of controversial. Little did we all know that their marriage was going to be the least controversial thing about this relationship.

We really don’t think we’ll need to elaborate. There are about four episodes of Basma Wahba’s thankfully-cancelled Ramadan talk show that do the job better.

Assala VS Angham

This might sound like an odd feud to most, but yes these two singing legends aren’t exactly speaking and have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

You might think it’s petty strange of Assala to start this fight but to be fair, Angham did marry her step-daughter’s producer husband so we’re cutting her some slack.

Kamla Abouzkeri VS Sameh Abdelaziz

Remember this Ramadan when everyone was hooked on Zay El-Shams? Well, some were more hooked on the very public war between the show’s two directors.

Abouzekri called out Abdelaziz for accepting praise for work that wasn’t his own, but if you remember, he hadn’t exactly remained quiet and fired back.

Yasmine Abdelaziz VS Riham Haggag

This feud is more or less a cautionary tale of miscommunication gone wild and we’ll tell you all about it.

Long story short, Abdelaziz received flowers from her ex-husband for Valentine’s Day and called him out on Instagram. Riham Haggag, the ex’s new wife, responded through an IG story and the saga is allegedly still continuing behind closed doors.

Nahed El-Sebai, Nahed Farid Shawky VS Ahmed El-Fishawy

It seems like trouble will keep following Ahmed El-Fishawy everywhere, won’t it?

As with every legal feud this year, Nahed El-Sebai took to TV to confirm that El-Fishawy dropped out of her mother’s newest production after getting 40% of his paycheck. El-Fishawy’s response? No one knows.

Shahyn VS Abyusif

Now we’re not going to lie, there have been some sick Egyptian diss tracks before but this beef gave us more than we could have hoped for. We’ve checked every box from “drama” to “too much context” to “going after a man’s entire career”.

If you don’t believe us, please give Shahyn’s 3amaltaha Ablak and Abyusif’s 3amaltaha Agdad a listen.

Ahmed Shobeir VS Mortada Mansour

Considering this fight happened right before the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2019, you’d think this Egyptian Football Association (EFA) meeting and subsequent fight had to do with the tournament, right?

Well, not really. See, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) had banned Mortada Mansour from participating in all football-related activities, a rule which he promptly violated by showing up for this important meeting.

Consequently, EFA members began squabbling but former Vice President Ahmed Shobeir stepped it up and allegedly fought Mansour head on. There had been reports of physical clashes.

What a year it has been, right?