We all grew up watching the Arabic editions of Monsters Inc and The Lion King and would be liars if we didn’t admit that Mared Washweshny and Timon were our favorite parts. So, imagine our thrill when we logged on to Twitter today and found Henedy announcing that Egypt’s first animation movie is currently cookin’! 

Henedy tweeted this morning and told his fans to wait as he’s been working on the movie for a while now; he used the hashtag #اول_فيلم_انيمشين_مصري.


Remember the time Mohamed Henedy blew up the roof on Twitter by making everyone go crazy with the hashtag #ديزنى_بالعربى? Well, we can’t help but feel Déjà vu now because we can’t wrap our heads around the fact that we will soon have a new animation character that talks and walks like Mohamed Henedy!

Mohamed Henedy’s proven to us that his voice is perfect for animation countless times; he gives life and humour to animation characters like no other. But, we don’t know for sure if Henedy will be doing a voiceover or if he’s partaking in the movie in a different way.

But one thing we know for sure is that we will definitely have new effehat soon. While Henedy’s old effehat are still seriously gold, we can’t wait for the new ones!