We all heard the PM’s speech and how the Egyptian government is already planning for the country to gradually open up after the Eid holidays.

As far as we know, certain places will be reopening soon, commuting will be wider and eventually traveling will also be permitted.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t tell us a lot about the journey of the Coronavirus as much as it’s clearly an economic-based decision since THE PANDEMIC IS NOT OVER AND IT IS STILL NOT SAFE OUT. However, this is one decision that many other countries are considering or have already put to action. So, before we know it, we will all be going back to our day to day activities and basically to our normal lives.

But the question here is, SHOULD WE REALLY?

We think there’s no right or wrong answer to this question. The choice is completely yours and judgment should only be left to each individual.

We mean, some people have to “physically” go to work. Some should just go out more regularly as it’s badly affecting their mental health. And some are just bored out of their minds and would love to spend a day at the beach. THIS IS OKAY!

What is not okay though, is doing any of the mentioned activities above without planning a well-thought-out safety course. Taking safety measures will allow us all to have a breather without putting anyone’s life (including ours) at risk.

For example, some footage of people having parties in El Gouna went viral on social media and it made people upset. The reason everyone got upset wasn’t that others decided to go to Gouna or Sahel, but more for the lack of better judgment in the case of parties and large group interactions.

So, you might wonder what can you do exactly if you want to resume some of your social activities, right? For starters, your disinfecting-kit should be on you at all times, it goes without saying now. But you already know that. What you need to learn about now is how to plan a safe outing.

It could be for a doctor’s appointment, a quick run, or even traveling. Before you go out, you’ll need to google the safest way to do such activity. Now, you can find PLENTY of useful tips to utilize. And that’s it.

Let’s wrap this up by asking you all to be kinder towards one another. Don’t judge your friends, neighbors or even family members for wanting to go out more.

Instead, try and educate them and yourself on how to do it in the safest way possible. The pandemic is still alive and well but so are we.