Muhammed Salah

As we all know, Mohamed Salah, our beloved Egyptian international footballer, is literally carrying Egypt’s name on his shoulders, filling our hearts with pride and joy with each and every one of his great achievements. But, there’s another Muhammed Salah that you probably haven’t heard about, who is doing nearly the same, but in another field. So let’s meet Salah the artist!

Born in Mansoura, Muhammed Salah is a 27 year old Egyptian artist, graphic designer, illustrator and art director. He started drawing in his first year of college and graduated with a degree in Communication Engineering from MSA University.

His passion for art began after he realized that he wasn’t the guy to graduate and work a regular job as an engineer. He found his true self in drawing during his freshman year, and decided to go with it as an actual career.

Muhammed started selling his digital art prints as well as his pencil and oil paintings abroad in 2015. He started with Hong Kong and is currently working with other agencies in England, Germany and the United States too.

Muhammed’s first ever art exhibition was held in the United Kingdom, but the most significant one for him was in Paris. He had a couple of articles written about his art in the UK, specifically about his Galaxy artwork pieces. Additionally, he was awarded the best British book cover in 2016 designing Helene Addison’s book “Once Upon a Time”.


The talented artist had one of his prints hung in Russel Square tube station, London, where there is also a store called “Illustrate” which sells his art.



In Addition to that, Muhammed worked as an art director/graphic designer with some media agencies in Egypt, on marketing campaigns such as Vodafone.



It’s incredibly important to highlight that Muhammed has done great art campaigns for Egypt, under the title of “The Beauty of Egypt”, “Flowery Egypt” and “Fairy Egypt”. His main focus in the three projects is Egypt’s landmarks, not just in Cairo, but in multiple other cities as well like Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria.

“I really wish I can do more for Egypt and raise its name even higher through my art,” said Salah, who wanted to promote tourism in Egypt and highlight its beautiful destinations through those campaigns.

Muhammed’s art about Egypt pretty much went viral and got foreign attention that the Mexican TV reported it, which led to some Mexicans and other foreigners reaching out and asking him to do the same for their countries as he did for Egypt.

Besides the fact that Muhammed Salah is a really exceptional artist who’s an inspiration for everyone to follow their dreams and aim big, he also did many great things for our Egypt that need recognition!

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