19 November, 2019 (Cairo, Egypt) – Emirates NBD Egypt announced the launch of the Mastercard World Switch Card for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa.

The card provides customers with both Credit and Debit card functions with the push of a button in addition to more features than that of a Platinum Mastercard. The World Switch Card will be available to the bank’s major customers prior to the general public.

Announced at a ceremony hosted during November by the bank in Cairo, the event was attended by major account holders, official delegates from corporations, and a diverse selection of distinguished public figures.

Emirates NBD Egypt is the first bank to introduce this technological achievement into the regional market and the bank is confident that the World Switch Card will make payments more agile and versatile in the future, further promoting economic growth.

With World Switch, cardholders connect both their Credit and Debit accounts together and select between the two during payment by “switching” to either one with the quick press of a button.

Mohamed Zakout, Head of Retail, Emirates NBD Egypt stated, “We are not only committed to providing the most technologically innovative banking solutions for our customers, but in upholding our position as market leaders in the industry.”

Zakout added, “Mastercard World Switch Card is specifically designed with features for the discerning customer including concierge services, travel, lifestyle, and insurance programs such as Marhaba that open up a wide range of exclusive services within the Dubai International Airport and airport VIP lounges worldwide.” 

“Mastercard is committed to bringing the latest payment innovations to Egypt, enabling the country’s transition towards a digital economy. A first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa, the Mastercard World Switch Card is a milestone in the fintech and banking sectors, serving as both a credit and debit card.

Our partnership with ENBD Egypt provides customers with exclusive benefits that range from concierge to travel and insurance services within Egypt and abroad, in addition to access to over 900 VIP lounges in more than 450 cities globally.

The World Switch Card also features special promotions and discounts at select vendors worldwide.” Added Mohamed Assem, Mastercard Egypt’s Country Manager.

The World Switch Card requires a minimum of EGP 100,000 to attain and grants the highest cumulative reward points of any card program. Moreover, the versatility of Mastercard’s latest product ensures that it will aid in promoting a cashless, e-payment based society.