Nowadays, the fashion industry is full of new designers, satisfying most of our needs. Yet there is one category that always seems to be forgotten, the sports segment. Sports fashion was as big as Red carpet dresses in the 60s, we’re writing you this article to revive that sense of importance. Voila, so instead of going to the gym looking like you bought fancy pajamas or like you shouldn’t be near training equipment, we’re going to help you spice up what is already available in the market to look good and perform better!

Your number one priority while training should be your performance. Which type of pants/tights, sports bra, shoes, socks …etc., is what we are here to tell you.

While training whetherits body weight or lifting, you’ll need the following:

1. Pants: Tight pants or preferably sports tights (could be cotton or spandex whichever is more comfortable to you), Why? Loose pants will restrict your range of motion in exercises like squats, deadlifts or extension. Also while running loose pants can irritate your skin from friction.


#1 rule for training/running: no loose pants


2. Sports bras: you need to be as comfortable as you can get in the chest area to leave your cardiovascular system space to expand. With all the risks women are facing by wearing the wrong bra day and night, wrong support while training is MUCH more.



#2 rule for ANY training: Always wear ‘sports’ bras. Not so loose, not so tight.


3. Shoes: the biggest dilemma for most. Sports shoes are scientifically designed based on sport, gender, foot type, walking trends…etc. What you need to do when buying new shoes is:


– Find one that suits exactly what you’re training.

– Try atleast 5 different choices; give your body time and choices to figure out what is comfortable and what is not.

– Know where you stress on your foot and choose design accordingly.

– LOOK LIKE A FOOL AT THE STORE. Yes, unfortunately this isn’t a typo. You need to walk, jog, jump, squat, do a burpee, side shuffle and maybe dance around a little. Hopefully they’ll have surveillance cameras and your video will go viral but other than that, we ask you to do so to make sure you are buying your new best friend.

#3 rule for buying shoes: don’t rush it. This is a long-term relationship.

4. Socks: well socks are just as important as all we covered above. Just like you need the right shoes for impact, pants for performance, bra for chest support, you need the proper socks for ankle support and minimizing friction around toes and heel. So make sure you buy sports socks that are cushioned, have a nice wrap around the ankle and not too thick, not too thin.


 If you go to any sports wear store and follow what we told you blindly you might not like what you see in the mirror.That was a list of essentials while purchasing your sports gear, now help you spice up how you look while you train.

– Get tights that suit your legs. Curvy girls usually look better in shorter tights, while slimmer girls can pull off the ankle tights gracefully.

– Find colourful sports bras.

– Cover the colourful bra with a loose top, a little off shoulder (the dancer type) or a nicely fitting muscle shirt to portray your figure.

– Wear medium height socks. Not ankle or chin.

– Pull hair up. Maybe add a bandana for a more 70s look.

– Get rid of all accessories. You don’t want to look like your trying too hard.

– Wear no make up. No one likes a mascara sweat.

– Last but not least, train like you own the place, whether it’s a gym, track, aerobics class, yoga or your bedroom. Nothing beats a woman who knows what she’s doing.