Our eyes just fell on one of the EYE CANDY-KIND-of posts. Brandon Stanton (the guy behind Humans of NY) posted on his page that he IS COMING TO CAIRO ON THE 22nd and this actually means A LOT!

Bear with us if you don’t know who Brandon Stanton is, because you’re missing out big time!  

Why is ‘Humans of NY’ a big deal? 

Brandon Stanton is an American photographer who started his photo-blog on the streets of New York back in November, 2010.

At this moment, his blog has approximately 18M likes on Facebook, around 7.9M followers on Instagram and over 590,000 followers on twitter making him the largest standing photo-blog in the world!

What does he do exactly? 

Brandon roams the streets, stops random people, asks them for their portraits and strikes up a conversation with them. He then posts that person’s portrait, along with his story. Brandon’s drive behind the whole thing is his belief that every person has a story to tell, and not at any point in time will people run out of mind-twisting stories.

In case you’re now wondering how many times he’s done this, in an interview where he was asked about the one MOST interesting conversation he’s ever had, Brandon said, “I get asked that a lot and anytime I answer that, it feels like I’m faking. I have had 10,000 conversations, I don’t know which is the craziest”.

Questioning the size of impact he has done?

Over 8 years, Brandon was able to raise huge donations that total over a 5000,000$ for different causes including pediatric cancer, Hurricane Sandy victims, providing summer programs and scholarship for students in Brooklyn and much more!

Can you imagine the impact this man has been having for the last 8 years since the day he started his exotic blog?!

He also brought the dreams of several lucky people to life! On one of his interviews, he asked a mum and her son what they were doing as they were selling cowboy supplies on the street. “We’re saving up for a horse,” they replied.

Rumi (the boy) has always been obsessed with horses and had been on a daily mission of saving for the horse he always wished to own.

So Brandon started a fundraising campaign of 7000$ to get him the horse. The target was met in 15 minutes, and even exceeded where he was able to raise 32,167$.


Why is Brandon coming to Cairo EVEN BIGGER?

Brandon has expanded his project and started traveling to other countries where he followed his same interview procedure.

During his past travels to countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and a few countries in the Middle East, he shed light on people’s life patterns, struggles and daily insights that media never portrayed before.

The fact that he has an international, enormous-sized audience will pave the way for all the stories he publishes to get their well-deserved attention and views.

Undoubtedly, we firmly believe that the kind of stories he’ll come across in Egypt will be incredible! And will definitely have their echo over his social media channels.
This country with its crazily diverse patterns, streets, culture, and background will surely give him some great material for his blog.


The cherry on top! 


This is probably the coolest, most thrilling job listing that has been published for decades! 

People started tagging their friends, acquaintances and family on this post. In a matter of few hours since his announcement, a thousand plus shares and comments had already been made.

Seems like the overly-excited Egyptians are going to freak him out with the amount of applications he’s going to receive over his e-mail.

Wishing him some rest and peace after the hectic selection process he’s about to encounter soon.