Let’s set the scene. You’re on your social media run so you go to Instagram and begin shuffling through people’s stories until you find something…odd.

It’s this green tinge circling someone’s icon that means they put you on their “close friends” list and it could have been incredibly heartwarming if, you know, you were actually friends with that person.

See, this is somewhat of a common trend that no one really knows how to feel about. Is this supposed to be cute? Heartwarming? Is it borderline weird?

Actually, it’s all three because someone did take the time to include you there and all, but chances are that someone isn’t really in your life. So why do they even do that?

Well, here’s the thing. Some people like making outcasts.

They’re a good bully because they included you, can’t you tell?

Yes, we know it might seem like the close friends list is that big of a deal that you’d cry at being shunned or anything. Some people, though, like the rush of minimal power they get because they get to pick and choose who to let in the elite club.

It’s still Egypt and we’re all still afraid of being judged.

Okay, so this type is pretty easy to pinpoint because there’s a stark difference between the stories everyone sees and the stories only you and other “close friends” see.

This person might be afraid of the judgment everyone ruthlessly doles out or might just not want to hear it, so they’re only adding those who they know aren’t in the danger zone.

Some people are just really into bragging about nothing.

You remember that weird kid in high school who was always so stuck up and thought everyone was jealous of them even though no one cared about their showing off?

Well, they’ve evolved and they’re on Instagram now! Not only that, this person will also add you to their close friends list just to show off and make sure you have the exclusive badge.

They may have some very, extremely weird interests and they know it.

This one’s a bit tricky because this type of person might not be the type to always share on social media or you just may not check out their story because they’re not the most interesting.

And yet they give you that green circle pass because they know that if you do check out what they’re doing once, you’ll find it stranger than fiction but you might not judge. So, good for you and them, we guess.

They may have accidentally added you and felt bad about removing you later on.

Okay, so this reasoning is a bit weak but it can happen to some people because, well, not everyone is technologically savvy. Others are just happy to click on any button without realizing that there might be actual consequences.

Both people are then surprised and unsure of whether or not you saw you got added, but they don’t want to hurt your feelings or look like something of a grandma so they just leave you there, wondering.

You’ll still be surprised every time you see that green circle, but at least now you know the reasons why.