Kheir Challenge

There’s no doubt that we’re all going through a rough time with the global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus and all the fear and anxiety that spread with it. That’s in addition to a lot of other things that are making our lives a little bit harder than usual at the moment.

But if one positive thing could come out of all this misery, then it definitely has to be some people showing their true colors and sticking together during such difficult times.

Exactly two days ago, El-Ahly player Saad Samir has created a kheir challenge in collaboration with the Resala Charity Organization. 

The main purpose of the campaign is to challenge as many people as possible to sponsor as many poor families as they can for the coming couple of months.

The challenge came in response to the recent harsh weather conditions that Egypt witnessed last week, flooding many homes and causing a lot of families to lose their shelter.

So in order to be able to advocate for the #StayAtHome campaign to help contain the Coronavirus, some people need to actually find a home.

Samir started the challenge by announcing he’d sponsor 20 families and nominating his fellow footballers Mahmoud Trezeguet, Mahmoud Alaa, Tarek Hamed, Sherif Ekramy, Walid Soliman, and Karim Walid. 

The challenge has been going around for less than two days and has already reached Ahmed El-Saqa, Amir Karara, Ahmed Fahmi, Shiko, Ahmed Fathi, Tamer Hosny, Hannah El-Zahed, Mona Zaki, Amr Youssef, Ahmed El-Saadany, Ahmed Dawood, Mahmoud Shikabala, Hossam Ghaly, Mahmoud Genesh, Mohamed El-Shenawy….etc.

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It doesn’t stop there, each one of those has nominated at least five other stars who will be participating in the challenge too. And before we know it, over a thousand families and maybe more will find food and shelter.

So far, each participant who accepted the challenge will be sponsoring between twenty and a hundred families. 

However, Tamer Hosny raised the bar so high announcing his support for 400 families. He also nominated Mohamed Salah, Amr Adib and Ahmed Abo Hashima.

So we’ll wait and see who else is going to climb high on top of that bar to help those in need!

It’s honestly so great to see such initiatives taking place during these trying times. We’re so proud of Saad Samir for starting this off and can’t wait to see more people getting on board. 

And don’t forget; stay home, healthy and safe!