For a while now, we’ve noticed this new wave of all-female Facebook groups that raided our timelines. And to be honest, we always jump and follow to see what’s up!

It turns out, Egyptian girls and women have collectively decided to have each other’s backs via these groups. They offer advice, life-hacks and discuss basically everything. So if you want to catch up, here are some of those groups!

Hormones Keepers

The latest one to join the groups-party is Hormones Keepers. Yes, you read that right. In the description box, it literally says “If you suffer from a sudden hormone rollercoaster out of boredom or over a broken nail, we are here for you”. Talk about female-solidarity, y’all!

Sakafet El Mar’aa

This group is more like a crash-course on womanhood. If you’re looking into increasing your awareness on topics like sex, marriage and all the adulting aspects of a woman’s life, this is one group to consider joining.

I Make This

The founder of the group is a thoughtful lady who upon seeing how pricey advertising fees have become, decided to help all the Egyptian ladies struggling to promote their products. So she created this platform for all small business owners to promote their merchandise for free!

The Bridal Club

If you’re a bride to be, you need to follow this group ASAP. On the group, you’ll find everything you’ll ever need on your long quest as a bride. Actually, even if you’re not planning on getting married ever, it’s super helpful for every girl!

Her Diary

For mere entertainment, we highly recommend “Her Diary” group. As the name implies, it’s a club for women to narrate their love stories, breakups, the latest films and shows reviews. It’s super fun, you’ll love it there.

Miss Basket

Somewhat similar to “Her Diary”, but we feel it’s more relevant to mommies and those expecting. Also, if you’re a fashion fanatic, you will find the right crowd there!

Time to make your scrolling time much more pleasant girls!