Mountain View

Kids are different these days. With heaps of free time and internet access unlocked through phones and tablets, we’re all rightfully worried about these kids and their futures, right? We all just want to ensure that our kids will end up fulfilling their destinies as the leaders of their generation.

If you agree with this sentiment, you’ll probably be ecstatic to know that Mountain View has gotten wind of our worries for these kids and so it’s decided to come up with a solution that will give them the best hands-on learning opportunities in Egypt!

So what has Mountain View come up with to contribute to its community’s building of the next generation? Youth Development Program, of course!

You won’t need to jump to conclusions to understand what this all means. This Youth Development Program is actually a chance to develop your kids’ skills and their personalities for the long run. It’s also about teaching your kids independence through a 3 day paid internship.

So, what do these internship programs entail?

Imagine a mini-society that replicates the real Egyptian business world. Then, imagine this society being intricately designed to target the skills of all kids involved, across different age groups, offering them opportunities to see how fields like marketing, facility management, entrepreneurship, and more work.

More details? Okay. For example, the entrepreneurship program revolves around the kid starting their own business, from concept to personal branding to gaining profit. Instructed by a supervisor, the mini-entrepreneur will discuss their idea and their branding and how they’ll end up applying it and practice their salesman skills.

This attention to detail isn’t only limited to the entrepreneurship program—all the other programs are just as detailed and will give the participating kids the greatest insight they could ever get early on in their life in these fields of their choosing, which will help them on the long run.

Currently developing rapidly with its first launch; the Summer Youth Development Program at Mountain View’s Ras El-Hikma. The first edition of Mountain View’s Youth Development Program has gotten over a hundred enrolled kids in only two weeks since its launch. With such a promising start, these programs will also expand to be continued across Mountain View’s many compounds in Cairo and other locations, throughout the year.

Your kids are already on their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders!