source: Ayez Ha'y

Have you ever done something you regretted a minute after? Of course, you have, we’re all human after all. At the same time, though, some of us continue to do regrettable things the exact same way. And it’s not because they hadn’t learned their lesson either.

It’s simply because it’s a cycle and it’s one we need to understand.

Step One: Recovery From An Old 5azoo2

Like all cycles, our end will sound very similar to the beginning because both stages kind of melt in together. In this stage, our 5azoo2 survivor is dealing with the aftermath of the previous troubles.

Fool El-Seen El-Azeem

They’re always in shock and they can’t really believe they fell for something that easy to avoid. Yet they did, so now they have to deal with it.

Usually, the way they deal with it depends on the type of 5azoo2, but in the end we can guarantee someone is getting blocked on social media. That’s considered a form of light self-therapy, so they’ll think everything is alright now.

Step Two: Lightning It Up

Lan A3eesh Fi Gelbab Aby

This second step starts the minute the met5azwaee thinks they’re totally fine now.

Sure, they’ve given themselves barely anytime to actually recover and think about what went wrong, but they’ve blocked a few people and did a few face masks, so everything is alright now.

The fact that the met5azwaee doesn’t usually look at the roots of their issues and thinks everything has been dealt with leads us to the next step.

Step Three: Invincibility and Trust

Right now, our met5azwaee is happy and they have “recovered” and living life, so obviously nothing bad is ever going to happen again.

They’re not going to fall for any trick again because they know better now. Obviously, they’ll tell when a 5azoo2 is coming a mile away. Fool me twice, right?

Wrong, actually. Usually, an ex-met5azwaee comes back again to the cycle because they think they’re invincible to it, which blinds them to any snowballing issues around them.

Step Four: Falling for the Bait

Now that we’ve reached the invincibility part of the cycle, it’s safe to say we’re one step behind eventually taking the bait for the fresh 5azoo2. The one those recent under-checked people have prepared for you.

Right before, the met5azwaee will be thinking that something isn’t right, but they won’t do anything about it. They’re experts now, remember? Usually, this is the part where the new 5azoo2 sets in to shatter all of that expertise.

Awdet El-Nadla

Right afterwards, the victim will feel shocked, betrayed, and sucker-punched. They’ll have to deal with it, whichever way they know how, though. This will bring us back to step one, yet again.

How The Cycle Is Born

The cycle keeps on happening and it might never stop if you’re used to it because, well, you’ll never realize that you might be the victim yet again.

You can be, though. You can fall into a clear-trap if you keep dwelling on old feelings and never really stop analyzing them. That’s the first step into turning an unfortunate incident into a revolving door of shame.

The next time you, or anyone you know, fall into a 5azoo2 make sure to dwell on it. Yes, it’s not pleasant but it’s going to be a learning experience.