Following Boshra’s very controversial music video “Cobra” (which you can read all about here), a lot of people have started attacking the singer and everyone involved in the video.

Some criticized it for animal abuse or for shading Mohamed Ramadan in a very open way, while others simply did not like the song and the music video altogether.

The sure thing is that everyone had something to say about it; from Boshra herself to the very person she was shading, Mohamed Ramadan.


According to Al-Watan, Boshra expressed her shock that people are accusing her of animal abuse. She said, “Why are people attacking my video even though a lot of people have used animals before in their work?”

She also added “I perceive myself as brave since the lion could have woken up at any moment! I am the one whose life was in danger more than anything else.

In her response to those criticizing her for sedating the lion, Boshra said “Try sitting in a room alone with a lion or a tiger without anesthesia. If you get out of there alive, tell us how that felt!

However, the question remains; Why did you need to use a lion in the first place? 

Boshra then proceeded “I was petting the lion in the video.


Doesn’t really look like the lion is being petted there, does it?   

Mohamed El-Helw 

In a phone call with talk show 90 Minutes, Mohamed El-Helw, the tamer of the lion in the video, explained that the lion was not injured and that the wounds on his skin are just make-up.

He also stated that the video was created in response to Mohamed Ramadan’s music video “Number 1” and not for Mohamed Ramadan himself.

El-Helw added that the lion was sedated for only half an hour under the supervision of a vet from the zoo. He also explained that this lion is an old circus lion, and not a baby lion like the one Mohamed Ramadan featured in his music video.

He then proceeded to state “We do not violate any animal rights. We treat animals very well in the circus.”

So I guess we are supposed to forget about the fact that using animals in the circus, in general, is considered to be animal cruelty on its own. 

Amir Eid

After the release of Boshra’s video, Cairookee’s lead singer Amir Eid expressed his opinion about the whole thing with a simple yet direct tweet.

He said ” I didn’t think anything could be worse than the song “Number one”. That was until I heard Boshra’s song…”


This turned into a side Twitter feud after Boshra replied to Amir’s tweet by clapping back at him and mocking his voice and the lyrics of one of his songs.

Amir then replied saying that this is nothing more than just his opinion of both songs, not of their creators. Then he himself made a smart crack about his own voice before he ended his reply by taking one last shot at both Boshra and Mohamed Ramadan.

Well played, Amir, well played…

Naguib Sawiris

The prominent millionaire Naguib Sawiris showed his support for Boshra’s music video by sharing it on Twitter with the caption “The king of the jungle got bitten by a cat.”


I guess this means Mr. Sawiris is team cat in this fight. 

Mohamed Ramadan

The man of the hour himself, Mohamed Ramadan, had something to say about the “Cobra” video.

After it has become clear that the purpose of Boshra’s video (if she had one) was to shade Mohamed Ramadan, everyone waited to see how Ramadan is going to clap back at Boshra.

And it is safe to say that he didn’t disappoint…

On his official Facebook page, Mohamed Ramadan shared a video collage of his fans lip-synching to his song “El-Malek”.

And his small caption to the video, well, you guys read it yourselves…Cobra

So I guess it’s safe to say that this Cobra wave is not quieting down anytime soon. This ‘lion-cobra’ war is only getting started.

Well, let’s wait and see…