By: Passant Omar

Egypt is considered to have a moderate climate, where it’s warm in summer and cool in winter. But due to global warming, this is not the case anymore! During summer, it’s sizzling hot but people get through it with cold drinks and chilling on the beach. During winter, however, there is always a debate of whether to enjoy the infrequent coldness and the occasional rain or never get out of the house because the weather is too cold to tolerate!


Living in a desert climate country like Egypt makes it hard for our bodies to adapt to the cold weather. However, we do enjoy it as it only lasts for a couple of months out of the whole year. You surely enjoy the cold breeze, but you are not so fine with the numbness of your toes and fingers! It makes it impossible to type on your phone as your fingers just freeze without gloves, and it doesn’t even work with gloves on either.

winter cold a christmas story coat bundle up

You wish to immune yourself against the cold by wearing your entire wardrobe, but you still want to look fashionable. You get into the struggle of either being on-fleek and catching a cold, or looking homeless and manage to serenely have a walk!


The weather is sort of bipolar. There are days when you literally should wear all what your body can handle and you wake up the next day ready to face the battle once more, but then you see that the sun is out and shinning where a leather jacket will do. This is when you feel disappointed and even get judged for “taking it way too far” when the weather is magical!

Why do winter and showers always contradict? Can you imagine the struggle you must go through before deciding to get into the shower? It’s tiring to take all your clothes off when you already spent quite some time putting them on. The shower’s necessity drastically falls during winter, but you still must manage it somehow.

Rain is hopeful and beautiful to watch. I’ve seen in Hollywood movies how people would run under it and carry on with their day peacefully. But for me, as a girl, what about my hair? Really! Also what about the mud? After a maximum of 4 steps, I just lose sight of my shoes. So instead of enjoying the rain, I just put my hood on and run to the closest dry place until it’s over.


Finally, there is a hell of an excitement we feel upon the approach of winter. Hot chocolate never tastes better in any other season. The best choice of dinner at this time could be nothing but soup! And finally, the comfortableness of the cozy movie nights at home, the elegance of coats and scarves is unmatchable! And for a change, we appreciate the short visits of the sun.