Mohamed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, addresses the ministry’s plans for the electricity generation and the development of this sector. He made it clear that the national strategy mostly depends on hydropower, using every single drop of water, if possible, to generate electricity.

What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is getting electricity from the energy of running water. It is a relatively cheap form of generating electricity given that our country is blessed with the longest river in the world and two seas.

Shaker is planning on investing money to maintain the already existing power stations. Of course, this will definitely help in prolonging their lives.

What are the upcoming steps?

On Sunday morning, he added that they are opening a new Qanater in Assiut that will help generate more electricity. President El Sisi attended the inauguration of the new project that cost around 6.5 billion Egyptian pounds.

Of course, there are other existing projects that help us generate electricity using hydropower. But this new project is an indication that we are moving in the right direction.

We hope that this would resolve our electricity crisis and help lower prices in the future.