Amr Diab


Amr Diab, aka El Hadaba, has finally released his new “Kol Hayaty” album cover, and like every year, all social media platforms have gone ABSOLUTELY NUTS!

The comments section immediately exploded and was torn between sarcasm and admiration about his “new look”!

Here are some of the most significant and hilarious reactions:

1# The “Ana Mahma Kebert Soghayar” Club:

They can’t get over how El Hadaba just doesn’t age!
The “Ana Mahma Kebert Soghayar” song was NOT just a simple reference, right?

Edward Cullen, is that you?

2# The “Ramy Sabry’s twin” Army:

Some people are insisting that he looks just like Ramy Sabry!

Well, surely there’s only one Hadaba, but he REALLY does look a bit like him here, see for yourself!

3# The Fashion Police on the Egyptian Streets:

Some people just KNOW what could be ahead of us after the release of this poster, and we can’t help but agree!

Stay in your lane guys, El Hadaba is the only one who can slay this!

4# The “Ghaty ya Hadaba” People:



We are all familiar with pretty much every single one of El Hadaba’s album covers, where 8 out of 10 times, he is shirtless, but how can people not comment on that? Lol

5# The “Eh Dah fi eh?” Squad:

Some people just couldn’t express their shock in enough words, and just kept questioning. (Same tbh)


We can’t relate enough, but apart from all of that, we can also hardly wait. Release that album, NOW, Hadaba, please!