Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you either already used or definitely know about the whole “FaceApp” thing by now. FaceApp is basically a program where you upload a picture of yourself and it shows what you’re going to look like 50 years from now.

It’s quite similar to the snapchat filter that was trending a while ago. The one that basically changed genders. And well, everyone was kind of impressed because it was hella realistic. However, the thing about the new one is that it’s kind of creepy, if we may say. And it’s raising many eyebrows.

On the other hand, for some reason; a lot of people have been coming up with the weirdest theories to make it look like this App is some sort of a trap.

#1 The ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Master Plan to Spread Depression

Economic Specialist Sameh Abo 3arayes posted a video where he explains that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are behind the FaceApp because they’re mainly targeting young people. He said that the MB wants to spread depression.


Um, okay? We really don’t know what to say about this one. 

#2 The Russian Mission

This one is the theory going the most viral since the very popular “Matsada2sh” page initiated it. They are implying that the owner of this App is a Russian company called “Wireless Lab”.

According to “Matsada2sh“, what’s very suspicious about all of this is that there’s not much information about this company anywhere; it doesn’t even have a website. Which is quite strange!


FaceAppFaceAppFaceAppMost importantly, as the owner, this company has access to all your personal information. From your photos and videos to the websites you visit..etc.

But don’t all Apps do this? What about the cookies? And the websites we visit in general? Most of the time, we don’t know their sources or anything about them, for that matter. So what makes this App any different than the internet world?

#3 Against all Religious Beliefs?

To top it all, one of El-Azhar’s sheikhs/religious figures – Essam El-Rouby – has affirmed that using this App is religiously  forbidden. And the reason for that, according to him, is that it changes the features that God created.

He also denied that it couldn’t be accurate, because only God knows how we’ll look like as old people.

Okay, but no one is even taking this seriously. We know it’s definitely inaccurate because it’s an unrealistic App. It’s being done for fun and that’s clear. No one thinks they’re going to look exactly like that when they’re 60 or 70.

Therefore, no harm done.

#4 A Dermatology Trick?

Through a Facebook post, dermatologist and former head of the National Research Centre Hani El-Nazer has warned people against using FaceApp. Because he thinks that there’s definitely a company behind it that is trying to promote anti-aging skincare products.


And that’s because they’re aware “We’re naive”; they’re setting us up.

Well this one doesn’t make any sense, does it?

With all the weird theories surrounding FaceApp, what do you guys think? Do you agree that it’s some sort of a trap? Or are you with us that’s it’s just an entertaining program like any other App?