Card Games

Who doesn’t like card games? Quarantine or not, card games always make any family gathering or friends outing ten times better because they always add to the fun.

However, we’re not here to talk about just any kind of card games. The ones we’re going to showcase to you now are all Egyptian-made!

And the best thing about them is that they were ALL launched during quarantine.

With the Coronavirus cases increasing in Egypt, and not long after the curfew was applied, all four of those games were officially produced and launched on the internet between March and April proving that the creativity of young minds knows no timeframe limitations.

Most importantly, they knew very well what friends and families quarantining at their homes in Cairo or their summer houses anywhere around the country at this time would need, and that’s why we’re totally in awe!

1- 2ool Ameme

Are you what they call nowadays a “meme queen” or a “meme king“? Are you familliar with the greatness of Egyptian movies and Afashat El-Aflam of the early 2000s? Do you use the Egyptian internet memes on a daily basis? Then, let us tell you, 2ool Ameme is definitely what you need!

With a bunch of situations and over a hundred memes to go with them as reactions; you, your family, and friends will have the best time playing!

2- The Bonfire Experience

This game is pretty much a literal genius. It took the normal and typically boring outings to a whole new level!

The Bonfire Experience is what its name entails; the game consists of a bunch of personal and deep questions for people to open up, closely interact, get to know each other, reminisce..etc. So basically, if you’re ever out with friends or family and fail to start a conversation, The Bonfire Experience is here for you!

And honestly, our personal favorite way to play the game is self-reflect; the questions are designed in a way where you can use them as prompts to journal and dig deep in your own thoughts.

3- Carnaval

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Carnaval is four games in one! It’s played in teams and consists of four different packs: “Kalam Kebir“, where players answer honest questions about themselves; “Afashat”, where players try to guess which movies the memes are from; “Habasathalak”, where players guess the movie, the character, and the proverb. Finally, there is “El-Mo2asasa” which is all about catching the spy in the group!

4- El- Le3ba

El-Le3ba is sort of like 2ool Ameme, however, it has five different ways in which you can play the game. They’re categorized “Harif Effehat“, “Harif Mawakef“, “Harif Tamseel“, “Harif Sor3a“, and “Harif Marahel“. You’ll be amazed by the collection of meme cards they have!

Have you purchased any of them already? Let us know what you think and if there’s more we could add to the list. Happy playing!