Who has the time and energy to check each and every fashion runway nowadays? Luckily we have Instagram.

It’s always interesting to find out where everyone with a deep passion, like us, go to get their fashion updates. And to give you some ideas for fresh new looks to try, here we present you all the stylish women from Cairo to Paris, to get your fashion fuel!

Huda Shahin

Based in Dubai, Huda Shahin is an Egyptian blogger to keep an eye for. Shahin is a true Middle Eastern beauty that always dresses to impress. If you’re all for hip street style, you better follow her for some worthy fashion tips.

Nour Arida

Other than posting the most adorable and heart-warming videos with her little look-alike daughter, Nour Arida is a top notch fashion blogger from Lebanon. She sure knows a thing or two about fashion secrets from her past modeling days for big brands!

Brittany Xavier

You might have formally known her account as “Thrifts and Threads”, which we always followed for the coolest most handy of tips, but now she’s so big she’s marketing herself as a standalone. This “turn your passion into a career” woman sure posts more than just good OOTDs!

Georgina Tawaf

Middle Eastern beauty with Parisian glam, is one way to describe the fashion and lifestyle blogger Georgina Tawaf. Other than pursuing an acting career by day, she definitely gives us out-of-this world fashion looks by night.

Nada Hussam

With a career as a professional celebrity stylist, Nada Hussam sure knows a thing or two about the tried and true fashion trends. Not only does she give us fashion blasts through her own outfits, she also makes amazing styling videos!


The Saudi fashion designer behind the brand “Lady Fozaza” and the multiple award winner is also one fashion blogger and stylist we’re really proud to have, and following her is nothing but a big fashion duty.

There you go, our list features successful fashion bloggers, small-scale entrepreneurs and upcoming fashion labels. So, hit that follow button because these fashion Instagram accounts belong on your feed as soon as possible!