It happens between couples all the time. First, there is texting back and forth and lovey-dovey words, then his texts start getting fewer and further apart, then nothing… air silence and he goes MIA, and you dear start to over analyze the situation.

Beware. As disturbing as the situation is, there are some things you have to avoid doing:

1.Don’t Flood Him With Calls & Messages 

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Being in a suspended state of not knowing is terrible, but if a guy was absent for a few days and you attacked his phone with a load of texts or left a ton of messages on his voice mail, you’re leaving him no choice but to run for the door! Men are hunters, and hunters don’t like to be chased. Whatever your partner’s reasons were for not answering your calls, all you’ve got to do is stop trying to reach him! That’s when roles will be shifted back into the right order and he will be the one trying to get ahold of you.

If he didn’t then he’s not that into you! His loss.


2. Don’t Put Your Life On Hold

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Staying at home in case he calls, checking your phone’s signal every single minute, or having your head coming up like a wolf scenting sheep when your phone makes a noise…etc. these actions are screaming despair, and the second you put your life on hold, you become less interesting. Prove to him and also to yourself that he is not your only social outlet; you’re a whole within yourself.

Head out, live your life and try to put this in the back of your mind. Excellent if he calls. If not, he’s totally unworthy of your time.


 3. Don’t Turn It Into a Public Affair On Social Media


Unless your partner is Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling, your relationship is a personal matter and no one else -but the two of you-’s business. So don’t go shouting from the rooftops by posting Facebook statuses that are obviously about him and the situation, or tweeting ticked off remarks to capture his attention. Come on, you’re better than that. At the end of the day, you will look childish and immature, and still he wouldn’t call.


4. Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Not answering your calls is not a definite sign that he’s ignoring you or being cold; there is more than one scenario to this situation. Other than the ‘he’s not that into you’ one or the cheating scenario, he could simply be really busy with work or having a family issue or sick. Maybe you’re being too needy and the guy needs a break.


5. Don’t Get Blind With Pride


Once it has reached a reasonable length of time that you would normally have expected a reply from him, it’s fine to send him a text, if only to make sure that he is fine. Keep your message light and pleasant, though, and remember that the reason that he hasn’t texted back could be that he has a serious problem on his hands or he is unwell. But remember, don’t shower him with messages!


6. Don’t Travel Down A One-Way Street.


At the end of the day, it’s never how he sees you, but how you see yourself. Do you actually appreciate being giving the brush-off? I bet not if you’ve have any self-esteem, so stop living in denial, face the facts, and read between the lines. If a guy wants to call you, even if the universe conspired to stop him, he will still call you. If not, slam the door in his face while saying ciao.

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      “He Is Not That Into You”