Most people dislike the word “Ma3lish” and get relatively pissed off when someone says it to their face. But have you ever been in a situation where you literally got nothing to say but “Ma3lish”? Have you ever thought about what made the other person say “Ma3lish”? Or asked yourself why they said it?

Let me list you some of the good will “Ma3lish” and some of the mean “Ma3lish” because some people really deserve the mean ones and absolutely have no right to be mad about it! #SorryNotSorry

The “Mean” Ma3lish

1- The “I can’t put up with your crap” Ma3lish

This is used when someone keeps complaining about a really, REALLY trivial thing. For example, a girl talking about her boyfriend “Eh da bgd! Howa ezai maygbleesh fanous f Ramadan?!”  All you have to say is “Ma3lish” because WTH, Dude!

2- The “Stop telling me I’m wrong” Ma3lish

Yup! Those situations where you know you’re not wrong and someone keeps annoying you with “You shouldn’t have done this” so you all you gotta say is “Ma3lish”.


3- The “I’m tired” Ma3lish

You tend to say it when someone repeats the same mistake over and over again and complains about it even after advising them several times, so you just say “Ma3lish” because you’re about to explode! For example, when your friend goes like “Da 3amali seen w maradesh” and you go like “Matklmhoush” on repeat so later “Da 3amali seen w maradesh” You go like “Ma3lish! Bokra yrod!”

The “Good Intentions” Ma3lish

1- The “I have no idea what to say” Ma3lish

Sometimes when people hear certain news, their mind goes blank! It literally shuts down; byhanego zai el computer so they just say “Ma3lish”! It comes out automatically. It’s not that they don’t care, they really do. It’s just that their minds went into total shock.


2- The “I feel your pain” Ma3lish

You know this feeling you get when someone is going through shit which you’ve been through before? You end up saying “I really don’t know what to say; bs ma3lish, kollo hy3adi”.

3- The “I’m trying not to make it a big deal for you” Ma3lish

You think you’re getting sick and you start to complain about it. Some people might reply with “Ma3lish, 5od dawa” because they don’t want to make a big deal out of it. It’s kinda of their way to calm you down so you won’t panic, because actually if someone went like “OMG! Are you okay?” and made it sound huge, you might actually feel a lot worse.

4- The “Ne2afel 3al Mawdou3” Ma3lish

This type is usually said in a group argument where you go like “Khalas ya gama3a eli 7assal ma3lish” because you know they won’t shut up and might fight.istock_000009432948medium

“Ma3lish” is not really THAT bad. You just misjudge it because you think the other person doesn’t care when in fact they do but can’t find the right words or know that words can’t really help! Except if you’re one of those who deserve the mean ones, try to change little fella, or we’re going to have to “Ma3lish” you your whole life! #SorryNotSorry