I’m not going to start ranting and blubbering about how Egyptian men are all the same. But, let’s be honest here, a huge majority of them wish these were the qualities their future wife possessed. One should never encourage stereotypes, or condense a whole population into one simple generalisation. But for the sake of sarcasm, I’ll get reckless. Here’s an Egyptian man’s perfect bride:


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And by hot, they want her to be “white”. A lot of people use the term “beida” in the streets. It’s absolutely racist of course, but no one really understands that. They think a girl with golden locks and ocean-blue eyes is unmatchable. They also want her to have a hot body, with lots of curves, but also skinny. Somehow.


They don’t want her to be stupid of course! That’ll embarrass them. She needs to be street-smart and capable of forming her own opinions.

3-But not too smart/opinionatedgirl

But obviously, not too smart. How else is he going to validate his macho-power if she’s, God-forbid, “too” opinionated and has a strong personality? So, most Egyptian men tend to go for the “cute” fragile girls, the quiet ones, those who seem simple and a little oblivious. The loud ones might emasculate them.


She needs to be open-minded. The perfect one would let him do whatever he wants to her. He wants to be able to kiss her, and hug her, etc.

5-But somehow also “Mohtarama”

He can kiss her and stuff, but she shouldn’t be kissed or touched by anyone else. Also, she can’t have a past. Let’s not even think about her not being a virgin or something, because that’s conspicuously out of bounds. They want to be able to “deflower” her. It’s their right!

6-ReligiousPraying Woman

She needs to be religious, too. No matter what they do together, at the end of the day, she still needs to be faithful to her God.

7-Can cookcook

She needs to know how to cook proper meals. Who’s going to feed him and the kids if she can’t cook! What are women made for otherwise?


She also needs to be tenka. In the sense that she should be hard to get. She shouldn’t be the one making the first move, that just puts them off. She needs to pretend that she’s not interested at the beginning. Because, that’s what life is all about: waiting for a man to text you.

9-From the same social class

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

I think that’s something everyone knows to be true. Because of our capitalistic, materialistic country, you both need to have the same financial background. It can’t work otherwise.

So, yep. That’s the average Egyptian man’s perfect 3aroussa. Again, I don’t want to generalise. Some, I’m sure, are different. But, no one can deny that this sexist attitude is the norm. 

  • عبدالرحمن جمال

    Very right .. for sorry

  • nesr

    men are so stupid but meeeh what can we do :/

  • Chicken Soup

    I gotta agree with this article, it’s pretty accurate, even if it’s sarcastic.. They use to make em like that in the 60s and 70s but the new generations do not meet even one of those requirements

  • Nidal Fikri

    well i can’t deny :3

  • Roque Roque

    Some of the things here make men contradictory. But how does it make them sexist? Wanting a woman who is smart and open-minded (and the meaning of open-minded in the article is incorrect, and was not even clear it is being sarcastic) makes them sexist? Such a stereotypical article.

  • Mohamed Salama

    You forgot to mention the the perfect 3arees for Egyptian women. U will find a lot of contradicting things there as well. It goes both ways, that why they deserve each other at the end.

  • Ramy Ehab

    I don’t see it in this way at all.. for me I don’t really care about anything above