writer Power of Words

Writing is probably one of the best ways where you can express your feelings and thoughts and in my own opinion, I think that it’s the best way to express your love to someone; because nothing is compared to beautiful words!

  • Noticing every little detail

We notice every small detail because everything we do is built up on them. From the daily routine, the small things people do for us, to grammar mistakes and spelling. Yup! Definitely a stickler for grammar!


  • Touching people’s lives

It’s always amazing to write something that people can relate to. Two great things you can realize: first, you’ll find out that people have the same feelings as you and second, you’ll love how you can literally say what’s on their minds and the ability to express their feelings for them.

  • No quitting or retirement

You know how some people get bored of their job or do a job until they retire? We don’t do that; we continue to write until the day we die. This is something that keeps living with us till the end!

  • We can say what we want without really saying what we want!

We know how to work with words pretty well. If have a certain opinion or we’re mad at something or someone and don’t want them to notice; especially if it’s an Ex-boyfriend or something we can always write about how we feel freely without them noticing it!

  • Create other endings for movies or books!

When we don’t like a certain ending, we can change it in our minds or even write it down because it’s SO WRONG to kill our favorite fictional characters!

  • Writing someone’s wish

We can always write someone a message for their special occasion. It gets even better when you have to say something like a toast in your friend’s wedding or even if we wanna do some wedding vows. We’re so on that!

  • Wild imagination

Man! We have such a wild imagination! We create our own world and just live in it and the next day we can write all about it!

  • Coming up with quotes

Basically, every situation we go through, we always come up with a quote to describe it. So, it’s really nice to see people use your quotes, later on!

  • The ability to immortalize

Of course, I don’t mean it literally… All I mean is that once we get an idea we can immortalize it by writing it in a book and it gets better when we fall in love because it’s when we shine. So, it’s true when they say “Once you write about someone, they can never die.”

  • We know how to choose words

We always go for the deep literary ones because they are more powerful! We can’t express ourselves in everyday language!