Hey, do you remember that Asser Yassin dancing ad? Who are we kidding, of course you do! Your timeline had been a little too boring and sleep-inducing until you saw that skillful dance everywhere—you’re still seeing it pop up actually because it was just that good.

Other than that snazzy dance and the charm that just oozes out of the screen, though, didn’t you find yourself wondering just why was Asser Yassin that happy?

Sure, he was living it up with the waves and the views and he is one charming chap, but still, you must have wondered. Was the Red Experience he was living and promoting just that good?

There’s one answer we can give you and that answer is a big fat “yes”! See, this ad only scratched the surface of what being a Vodafone Red user meant.

If you let it, this Red Revamp will quite literally change your life. Through its various options, you can refine your lifestyle and curate it to your liking.

Like Asser Yassin in the ad, once you become a Red user, you’ll have access to services like OSN streaming, Shahid VIP, and Watch IT. Don’t worry, music isn’t forgotten either because you’ll be getting Anghami too—as in you’ll be a 24/7 walking party if you want to be. The party will literally be in your pocket now!

We’re not exaggerating that last thing, by the way. With Vodafone’s new music platform on Anghami, full of privileges to Red customers, you’ll tirelessly keep up with all the new hits. You can even get the hits before everyone else—Vodafone and Anghami have launched a new pre-order service that will get you to stream Amr Diab’s new unreleased album 45 whole days before everyone else!

And you know what this means, right? You’ll get the proper entertainment you need whenever and wherever you are—if you want it, you got it and you won’t have to go through the regular hassle that comes with waiting till you go home and connect to Wi-Fi.

See, Vodafone Red will also give you a free DSL bundle that will grant you the absolute privilege of getting entertained and staying connected wherever you are and however much you want.

You’ll also get to share this lifestyle with your people, who you’ll be connected to all the time, because you’ll be able to share your bundle and minutes to call each other for free.

And it doesn’t stop at that either. For the first time in Egypt, you’ll be able to take all of these services overseas with you because you’ll just consume from your local bundle while roaming!

Thinking about joining yet? Well, here’s something that will seal the deal for you—the Red Points Program.

If you’re thinking this is like a regular Points Program, you’d be a bit mistaken. In this specific program, Red customers will get to collect points on their purchases in an extensively wide range of Vodafone partners….and on their Vodafone bill!

After all this collecting, you’ll also have the option to redeem your points at any Vodafone and Vodafone partners’ stores anytime you like and without any limits whatsoever.

You know what they say. In Vodafone, luxury’s a step away!