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Egypt is well renowned for its beautiful beaches and exotic scenery. We often, however, forget about its beautiful mountains and caves. We travel miles and miles to see mountains and go hiking, yet we always tend to miss the ones just around the corner. If you’re looking for a new activity for your next vacation, we have the perfect destinations for you.

The Black Desert

Located right between the Baharia and Farafra oasis, the Black Desert is like a scene from a beautiful painting. Coated with black powder and rocks, it gives the illusion of a burnt desert look. You can go camping and hiking there. At night, you can get a beautiful view of the sky for the perfect star gazing experience.

The Crystal Mountain


Sitting between the Baharia and Farafra oasis, the Crystal Mountain can be found right next to the Black Desert. Despite its name, it’s not really a mountain but a sparkly rock that gives the illusion of crystals. Either way, it’s a beautiful place where you can camp as well.

The White Desert


Situated at the Farafra oasis, the White Desert, is somewhat known, yet it’s never a popular go-to destination. The desert is filled with chalk rock formation, giving it a snow white look. There are plenty of things to see at the White Desert, from weird looking rock formations, like the chicken and the mushroom, to plenty of other rocks. It’s a good place for stargazing, and sandboarding.

Cave of Swimmers


Located at the mountainous Gilf Kebir plateau of the Libyan Desert section of the Sahara, this cave has some of the oldest graffiti art known to mankind. The drawings on the walls of the cave grabbed the attention of many people who translated the drawings to having aliens and foreign species living alongside the dinosaurs and people there. Pretty damn interesting, huh?

Mountain Saint Catherine

St. Catherine's Monastery

Located in South Sinai, this mountain is very important historically and touristically. Its historic significance goes back to the Pharaohs, when they built the way of Shur across Sinai to Beersheba and on to Jerusalem; it’s also believed to be the place where Moses has received the Ten Commandments. You could mountain climb, hike, or even stay at a hotel.

Galt el Azraq


This place is one of the most underrated places in Egypt. It’s a 2 day hike from Mt. Saint Catherine, and it has a huge natural water pool. The place is surrounded by rocks and mountains, and has people from all over the world trekking and hiking. Guide books about the place are even available to suggest what to do there.

Sannur Cave

©Gagliardo on Flickr
©Gagliardo on Flickr

The Sannur Cave Protectorate, located 200km from Cairo in Bani Sueif, is dubbed Egypt’s most kept secret. The 12 km cave, also known as Wadi Sannur, is a rare type of naturally formed cave, believed to have been formed  around 60 million years ago. It has created a large thermal spring.